Revive a Failing Facebook Page With Content Marketing

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Revive PlantAny social media presence requires dedication in order to thrive; without new content being published on a daily or regular basis, people will naturally begin to check less and see updates less often. When combined with the complex algorithms that sites like Facebook use to determine who sees what, this can create a vicious cycle in which it is hard to restore the former glory of a Facebook page’s reach – even with its own audience. Fortunately, you can repair the damage, but it takes a persistent dedication to reverse. Below, we’ll talk about the options you have available when it comes to reviving a failing Facebook page by using content marketing.

Create Custom Imagery

If you have any experience whatsoever with managing social media accounts – particularly Facebook accounts – then you know that images tend to do much better with a given audience than simple text. It is incredibly easy to create images that convey a message or discuss a concept, so you’ll want to no doubt give this a try in conjunction with your existing content marketing efforts. Ready to share a new article through Facebook and maximize its reach? Promote it through an image and include a text link to the article above or below the image. This way, you’ll not only be pinging users with the intended content, but you’ll also be giving them something extra that increases their chances of clicking.

Don’t Blab On

Let’s face it: the amount of content that you need to circulate on a Facebook page in order to revive it is so much that you won’t have time to make a new image for each post. In addition, there are things that sometimes need to be conveyed that won’t go well in image form. When you do need to make text posts to your Facebook page, be sure to keep them short. There is nothing worse than a long, rambling message sent out to your Facebook audience. Not only will people not read it, but it sets a subconscious trigger for some to ignore your updates in the future if this becomes a regular thing.

Pay for Promotion

If your Facebook page is in a rut and you need a quick way to inject some life back into it, then consider paid advertising and/or promoted posts through the Facebook network to help speed up the process. This will help you connect either with completely new audiences or your existing audience, depending on the options selected. Over time, this will inject more organic life into your Facebook community and help you climb out of the gutter much quicker than you would if you were to pursue an organic-only approach to reviving the page.

Post Regularly

You want to be pinging users with content on a regular basis, lest the page fall into disrepair once again. By posting at least once daily (some people recommend up to five posts per day scattered across the daytime hours in such situations), you’ll ensure that a large percentage of your audience is likely to see at least one update from you every single day.

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