How to Make Instagram Reels Your Best Marketing Channel

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Over the past few years, TikTok has become a massive short-form video platform. Because of its popularity, many people forget that Instagram Reels is also a big player in the same niche. Instagram Reels was launched in 2020 to compete with TikTok and it has become a great marketing channel in that regard. Businesses that use Instagram Reels as one of their marketing channels can reach the hundreds of millions who use the service every day. So, what can you do to find success with Instagram Reels?

Showcase Your Business’ Values and Personality

Traditional marketing is mainly about hard selling where the business tries to convince customers that its products and services are much better than those offered by the competitors. Social media, on the other hand, is about connection and communication.

Brands use social media to create an authentic voice that resonates with their audience. They intend to show their audience and potential customers that their values align with the brands instead of pushing sales. In a way, it is more about inviting the audience to join an exclusive “club”.

Businesses that can create an authentic voice that resonates with their audience can get them into a funnel where the final step is converting them into paying customers.

Share Content Generated By Your Audience

Instagram Reels is perfect for facilitating authenticity, which is highly valued by the demographic that frequents Instagram. People are getting more interested in knowing the brand and the community that surrounds it.

Sharing user-generated content means a business shares authentic content from their customers which has the side benefit of promoting confidence and trust. Second, the users whose content gets shared on your social media platform are more likely to share this content. This increases your brand’s reach across the platform.

Showcase Your Products

People get very frustrated and boycott businesses when they receive a product that is different from the one they were expecting. Using Instagram Reels to showcase your products being used by you or a customer is a great way to save them this kind of grief.

Use Reels to highlight the benefits of your products as well as their best features. Do not forget to show their unique selling points – reasons why they should buy these products in the first place.

Do not forget to make the first two or three seconds of your Reels more engaging so people do not scroll past them.

Educate Your Audience

Studies show people who are educated about a product, its benefits, and unique selling points are more engaged and thus more likely to convert. Because of how quick and digestible they are, Instagram Reels are a great educational tool.

Additionally, Instagram Reels is great for capturing attention and ensuring your message reaches your target audience fast.

Although relatively new, Instagram Reels have become an integral part of many business and brand marketing strategies. Use the tips above to improve how you use Instagram Reels for marketing and make it the marketing channel that gives you the best results.

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