Sometimes You Just Have to Say No (To Clients and Opportunities)

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Building up a loyal, successful client base is the primary component in being a successful firm or freelance service provider. We can sometimes get so wrapped up in the process of recruiting new business that we may forget to screen clients for potential pitfalls and issues. While some may think turning an opportunity for new business away is a bad tactic, it is absolutely necessary in the world of online business. Here are some scenarios in which you may need to tell a prospective client no – sometimes for your benefit and sometimes for theirs.

A Client Wants Your Secrets

You may run into a client that is looking for web services, but they may not know what it is they wish to accomplish through the service. Generally speaking, someone who is unsure about the long-term goals of their project cannot be trusted to be a good client over time. They may ask you what specific actions you will take and what ideas you have for developing the site. This is a red flag; either the client is seeking to obtain your secrets for a competitor, or they may (and usually this is the case) just be indecisive and uninformed on what services you provide. We advise to steer clear from these types of clients.

A Client Is Asking Too Much

You will also find scenarios in which a prospective client is seeking services that may be out of your reach. While we can often be tempting by the promise of a large paycheck or the idea of continued business with said client, it will only lead to hardship for you if the requested task is outside your parameters. If you feel this type of business is something you wish to do in the future, then take some time to learn the trade on your own dime. You will only create problems if you attempt to “learn as you go”.

Change in Direction

If you have been working on a project for a client – only to have the representative or executive replaced by another person within that company – you may need to let go of the project. It is commonplace for the vision and direction of such a project to shift with a new leader. It is also common that a new representative will want you to re-do and re-propose every idea that you have already laid out prior. If your previous task of pinging sites has become one where the project manager is pinging you for changes, then you probably will need to find work elsewhere.

Don’t Be Afraid

Many freelance project creators and firms are weary about letting business go. This, however, is natural and is a part of developing a solid strategy of attracting the best clients out there. Whether you are doing keyword analysis, pinging sites or building a webpage from the ground up, it is important to keep your schedule as stress-free and trouble-free as possible. By doing this, you will discover that you will have more real time to handle business and less time sorting out your finicky clients’ bugaboos.

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