The Best Software for Creating Instagram Reels

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It seems as if every social media platform is turning to short-form video as the new way of attracting people to their platform. YouTube has Shorts, TikTok is one large short-form video platform, and Instagram has Reels. Since their introduction, Instagram Reels have become popular with individuals and businesses using these short videos for personal, professional, and business use. As a content creator, you can now edit videos for the platform, which allows you to showcase your creativity to grab attention and increase views. But which are the best software programs for creating and editing videos for Instagram Reels?


iMovie is a popular Instagram Reels editor because it comes with lots of professional-grade editing tools. Although these are one tap options, they still enable you to create amazing videos for Instagram.

iMovie also comes with a library that contains numerous soundtracks you can use when creating your videos. You can also edit titles and the background to make your video even more enticing. The app has additional features including video templates, a green screen effect, and numerous video themes. It is available for both macOS and iOS.

VN Editor

This is yet another free video editor for creating reels that allows you to create and save videos without a watermark. The app is positioned to be great for both beginners and professionals. Perhaps the best part about this editor is that you can export your videos to Instagram after creating and editing them.

The software allows you to record your voice preview videos, import fonts, stickers, and music into your videos, create text and transition effects, add filters, and save drafts. It is available for all Apple, Android, and Windows devices.


If you are looking for an online video editor for Reels, WeVideo is the software you need. It can be used on any mobile device or computer that connects to the internet and has a clean interface that makes it very easy to use. WeVideo also allows you to save your videos on Reels to cloud storage for upload later.

Because it is a cloud-based video editor, you can halt editing on one device and continue on another. In addition, it also has a green screen effect, provides stock images, music, and videos, and supports videos of up to 4K resolution.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is a version of the popular Adobe Premiere software. Although not created specifically for it, this video editor is perfect for creating videos in various formats, including vertical for Reels.

If you are thinking about transitioning into professional video editing using Premiere Pro, this is the perfect software to start with. It allows you to add animated titles, has numerous fonts and text effects, allows you to trim, mirror, flip, and crop videos, comes with lots of soundtracks, and allows you to export video in 4K.

You can try Adobe Premiere Rush for free right now on your smartphone, tablet, and desktop computer.

With more platforms moving towards short-form videos, creators who want to take advantage of this shift have to arm themselves with the right tools. The software discussed above should make it easy to get started with Instagram Reels.

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