How to Increase Attention and Engagement for Your Facebook Campaigns

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AttentionThere are countless Facebook pages and profiles in existence, many of which attempt to shed light on various causes and concerns in our world. Whether you operate a small business online or a charity that seeks to make an impression, it is vital for you to be able to convey a message to as many people as possible through the social network. Those of us who have used Facebook for promotional purposes for some time already understand that not every post will go viral or excel in the way we had imagined, but you can increase the likelihood that your posts will receive the attention they deserve. In the following article, we will discuss some ways that you can increase attention and promote engagement with your Facebook posts and campaigns in an attempt to grow your clout.

Micro-targeted Content

While you can certainly drive traffic to your Facebook page, website or blog without the use of paid advertising, you will not have overt control over who sees your content nor where it is being seen. Paid advertising can allow Facebook users to micro-target specific audiences for increased efficiency; if you are selling swimsuits, for instance, there is probably no need to target individuals who are aged 65 and up. As you are pinging lists of content via ads to hundreds and thousands of Facebook users, the information is collected and easily observable via the Facebook Insights tab.

Contact Similar Pages

If your subject has some competition but your promotion is for a good cause, then you very well may be able to grab some extra attention through a direct plea to other Facebook page administrators. A direct message to a Facebook page that clearly conveys the intent of your promotion and the rationale behind a common bond may produce more optimistic results than you previously would have believed. While you will not have much success when it comes to convincing a competitor to promote a product of yours, you may find that events, causes or informative content can in fact gain traction within your competitive circles.

Post to Other Pages

If you do not receive a prompt reply from a Facebook page administrator from the aforementioned method, then you can always post to the Facebook page as a user in an attempt to drum up more attention and engagement for your campaigns. While a page administrator may block you if the content is perceived as spam or you are pinging lists of posts, most forms of content are allowed to stay and help give the impression that the page in question has a community of users; they will be hesitant to delete something that is relevant to their own message.


You can quickly augment the performance of and engagement on your Facebook page through a few simple steps. You will need to micro-target your audiences to ensure that you are reaching the most ideal number of people who are interested, contact pages that share similar interests about the promotion of your ideas and events, and also share this content with pages publicly to attract additional attention.

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