What Brands Should Focus on with Local SEO

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Due to an ever-increasing amount of competition on the internet, brands are having to tap into more niche and specialized forms of digital marketing and brand promotion. One of the most popular forms of this, search engine optimization, no longer provides quick and easy benefits.

Brands are required to work for months or even years in many cases to achieve noticeable results across global SERPs and niches, which has inspired a wave of even more targeted SEO. Arguably one of the most effective examples of this hyper-targeting is local SEO.

Local SEO revolves around many of the same concepts as traditional SEO, but there are differences. As such, let’s look at what brands should focus on when pursuing a more localized SEO strategy.

Keyword Research

Above all else, knowing exactly which niches and SERPs to target locally is an absolute requirement. There are a variety of tools you can use with minimal complexity that’ll help highlight what potential search engine targets exist. From Google Suggest to voice-based searches, local SEO keyword research can be enhanced by embracing recommendations made by search engines and by utilizing mobile/voice search (given most mobile voice searches are in pursuit of locally-relevant results). Pinging websites within your local niche(s) for keyword ideas is also highly recommended.

NAP Inclusion

Name, address and phone number: arguably the lifeblood of any local SEO campaign success. Ultimately, attracting traffic and directing them to your business (whether that be in-person or via the phone) is crucial in maximizing local SEO performance. As such, including NAP details on every page is vital.

Likewise, you need to aim for NAP consistency across all platforms; perform searches to ensure that there are no outdated or otherwise incorrect phone numbers or addresses for your brand. You’ll also want to build as many new NAP citations as possible to ensure your brand is optimized for all relevant local search results.

Google My Business

While it might seem simple, Google My Business profiles are incredibly powerful utilities for improving local SEO performance. With these entities, you’re conveying to the largest search engine on the planet what exactly your brand does, where it’s located and how it’s relevant to audiences.

For GMB profiles, it is imperative that you fill out as many fields as possible, solicit reviews wherever possible and always update information whenever details change. In 30 minutes or less, you can completely fill out your GMB profile and reap the benefits of arguably one of the most powerful local  SEO allies on the internet.

Local Link Building

Last but not least, the link game doesn’t disappear in the world of local SEO: it’s still just as important! However, you want to be pinging websites with backlinks that are also local and relevant to the community you’re targeting.

This can be achieved through a number of methods, including approaching local business organizations, sponsoring or hosting local events and endeavors, and simply interacting with other local brands.

Local SEO involves many of the same tried and true tactics as traditional SEO, but has its own unique aspects (as well as benefits). By targeting smaller and more localized audiences, competition often tends to be less substantial. Through local link building, GMB profiles, NAP consistency and local keyword research, your brand can flourish in as many local results as you can realistically target.

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