The Latest Updates to Twitter Advertising

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Twitter is making various changes to its advertising platforms. While it may be hard to know when these changes were conceptualized, many of them seem to have come after the platform has taken a hit with advertisers pulling out once Elon Must took over. Twitter says that these changes took place after they listened to advertisers and the platform decided to streamline people’s experiences when they visit the site, as well as the advertisers’ websites.

New Ad Formats and Categories

Twitter previously had over 22 ad format names. These have now been streamlined and five new categories created. The first one is promoted ads that feature videos, images, and other ad features. These ads can be used for every stage of the marketing funnel.

Follower ads are to be used to promote accounts so new accounts can gain followers quickly. These seem to be suited to new brands and businesses that want to create brand awareness and gain recognition quickly.

Next, Twitter can amplify advertisers. This allows advertisers to align their ads with video content posted by relevant publishers. Twitter Takeover will allow brands to reach numerous people at the same time by allowing them to take over the Explore and Timeline tabs.

Lastly, we have Twitter Live which allows brands to broadcast to vast audiences.

Twitter has also included sub-categories within these larger categories so advertisers can pick what works best for them.

New Ad Options

Ad options are designed to get people to visit websites and take actions when they do. Website Conversions Optimization is meant to help businesses with low-level funnel conversions such as completing purchases and adding items to shopping carts. Twitter ads will target users relevant to an advertiser using new algorithms.

Dynamic product ads are meant to target visitors when they are most likely to buy. Twitter will use retargeting, prospecting, and integration to allow this. Retargeting is reaching platform users who have already engaged with the brand or its products.

Prospecting is serving ads to people who are interested but have not engaged yet, and integration allows businesses to add their product catalogs to Twitter using various marketing partners.

Collection ads will allow advertisers to show a carousel with multiple products. The main image will sit at the top and thumbnails of other product images will sit at the bottom.

New Controls

Some advertisers do not like their ads showing above or below tweets that contain certain words. Twitter is putting in place new controls that will prevent this.

This is to bring back advertisers who left the platform after Elon Must bought it. Many of the moderators will check the placement of non-English words that are likely to be affected by their proximity to ads in languages other than English. This is because it is much harder to build tools that can check every language possible.


Twitter is also providing incentives to advertisers who place ads on Twitter.  These will range from 10% of ad spend up to 100% for those who spend over $500,000 on the platform.


There are a lot of changes coming to how Twitter handles ads and advertisers. These changes were inevitable seeing that Twitter relies on ads and advertisers for most of its revenue.

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