Become a Better Marketer with These Online Courses

With an unprecedented amount of power at our fingertips, building a world-class brand is now easier than ever. Thanks to the internet, even small brands and fresh ideas can quickly gain traction in markets all over the globe, making it possible to grow quickly and pursue even the wildest of dreams.

However, most ideas presented online fail to materialize due to poor or non-existent marketing strategies. Without a comprehensive marketing plan, how can you differentiate your brand from the countless others competing for the same customers?

Today, we’ll talk about some online courses that can truly make you a better marketer – all without ever having to enroll at a university or leave the house.

Online Marketing Challenge (Google)

Who better to learn about various marketing campaign strategies from than the masters of the PPC realm? Google offers free marketing courses as part of its Online Marketing Challenge, available to all who wish to enroll.

This series of classes will help students learn the basics about social media marketing, mobile targeting, Google AdWords and a variety of other important marketing elements. With the Online Marketing Challenge, you’ll cover most of the basics you need to be successful. Best of all, this course is absolutely free, meaning you won’t be wasting money on expensive classes only to discover that you’re pinging users with bad ad copy and strategy.

Udemy Marketing

If you haven’t already heard of Udemy, then you’re missing out on a great platform for learning new skills. Udemy provides users with professional instruction and tutoring on just about every subject imaginable – and yes, that includes marketing. With both free and paid courses available, your budget doesn’t have to be a limiting factor in how much you can learn about marketing.

You’ll find hundreds of unique courses on Udemy that can teach you about digital marketing fundamentals and the skill-sets related to them. Whether you are wanting to expand your social media marketing prowess, bulk up on your knowledge of producing superior ad copy or simply combine your SEO and marketing efforts for maximum effect, there are courses available from the professionals.

HubSpot Academy

Another great resource for learning about marketing basics is HubSpot. Offering a wide array of classes, you’ll be able to take the information provided by them and start pinging users with the most effective campaigns possible.

Some examples of classes provided by HubSpot include inbound marketing and content marketing certification courses, SEO training classes and growth-driven design. All of these elements ultimately combine with one another to influence broader campaigns, increasing both reach and growth.

HubSpot Academy is built on the premise that marketing know-how should be available to everybody: why not visit them and see if their classes can provide you with some new strategies?

While once confined to higher institutions of learning and physical classrooms, mastering the art of marketing can now be done by anybody. With a plethora of online resources available to teach you the basics, there is no excuse not to provide yourself with the skills necessary to perfect your approach. Your brand’s performance, bottom line and overall future will be grateful that you did!

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