Important Reasons for Calibrating Your Email Marketing

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Email WorldIn the world of marketing, email marketing can often be separated from the rest and viewed as its own entity. Even though a collaborative and integrated marketing effort is required for success, there are many variables present in email marketing that are not in other forms of marketing. As more and more brands and businesses use email marketing to boost awareness of themselves and their products, the hurdles that must be overcome in email marketing grow in number. Today, we’re going to talk about why it is essential to properly calibrate your email marketing strategies in order to ensure that more clicks, opens and conversions occur with each campaign.

Effects on Purchasing

Roughly two-thirds of shoppers report being influenced in some way, shape or form by email marketing. Perhaps they don’t buy immediately, but the effects that a quality email campaign can have on consumers is well-documented. Whether it is your email or a competitors’ that influence a potential customers into making a decision will be determined based on how well your email marketing campaign is structured. Whether you are taking into account demographic profiles, the proper days and hours in which to send emails and industry relevance can make all the difference in the world. With so many people influenced to buy based on what they see (or don’t see) in their inboxes, you cannot afford to have a sloppy email marketing campaign.

Subject Lines Matter

When you’re pinging links to products and pages in the hopes of converting readers and subscribers, it is essential that your subject lines are considered carefully. Roughly one in three emails are opened based on the structure of the subject line alone, making this a top priority for email marketing organizers. Since the email subject line is the first thing users will see, this could be the most important variable in calibrating any email marketing campaign. By keeping your subject lines short and action-oriented, you can boost overall engagement rates and ensure higher open rates. From here, however, calibrating the email marketing campaign in the form of content optimization and body styling becomes absolutely necessary.

Body Content Affects Engagement

The actual content of the email once opens matters just as much as anything else, and will determine what impression people have about your brand, its products and other offerings. The best way to grab readers’ attention spans is to use images and other forms of interactive content. Since people can process images much faster than they can text, you can use images to convey an important message in a much more direct fashion.

Next, be sure that the body of your email is broken down into easy-to-digest bits. With a little under ten seconds to get each point across in an email, you don’t want to write huge paragraphs that people won’t bother reading. As such, shorter paragraphs and bullet point listings along with images are the best way to go. Rather than sending huge amounts of information in the email itself, entice readers to learn more by pinging links to longer explanations that also directly tie in with the actions you want subscribers to perform.

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