How to Jumpstart Effective Email Marketing to Young People

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Millennials are increasingly becoming a larger and larger share of the consumer market, and have for years been at the center of some pretty prized demographics for marketers. Email marketing is one form of communication that has been active for larger portions of Millennials’ lives than anybody else, which means that they are a bit more desensitized to the broader concept than many other age groups. If your marketing campaign is seeking ways to make inward roads with Millennials but you have not yet generated the response rates or engagement levels from them that you’d like, then continue reading to find out how you can implement more effective email marketing methods.

Use Straightforward Subject Lines

The immense amount of digital marketing Millennials have been subjected to have made them quite discerning when it comes to any marketing attempts. In short: they’re going to smell BS when they see it. By pinging users with misleading subject lines or claims that are not true, you’re bound to do poorly in the long run. In order to get their attention and increase open rates, be blunt, straightforward and succinct in your subject lines. This will give people who read your subject lines a refreshing bit of honesty and may actually help improve their perception of your email marketing efforts. Nobody likes to waste time opening or dealing with emails that aren’t relevant, so be sure to only use this tactic honestly.

Add Style to Your Emails

Most Millennials use mobile devices that are capable of handling rich HTML emails. While offering the option for text-only emails is a good idea, you should primarily focus on improving the style and body of your emails to catch one’s eye. Without a flashy appeal, people will be more likely to lose interest in your email very quickly. It’s not just about getting young people to open your emails: it’s also about getting them to act on it. In addition, you want to add style to each email in the form of a personalized message whenever possible. This will ensure that those who open your email have something to connect with while reading it.

Incorporate Multimedia

Last but not least, it’s important to remember that Millennials are the most media-hungry generation to ever live. If you can find a way to include various forms of multimedia – photos, videos, links to podcasts, and more – in each email, then you have a greater chance of convincing them to navigate to your site or page. This can be the next step in generating more loyal customers and subscribers, and will also improve the chances of each person engaging in additional actions (such as sharing content and commenting) with your brand. The most successful brands know that pinging users – particularly younger people – with different types of content increases the chances of successful conversions.

What other strategies are you using to improve open rates, clicks and conversions in your email marketing? Let us know below what else you think might help improve a youth-oriented email marketing campaign.

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