Five Tactics to Help You Turn Facebook Likes Into Leads

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Facebook LikesIn the world of marketing, there are quite a few different avenues which you need to explore in order to have a well-balanced, multifaceted approach to attracting new business. Many people will agree that when it comes to their Facebook pages, gaining likes is a great way to build your audience. The question, however, remains: do likes actually equate to leads? By default, the answer is no, but with a bit of hard work and determination, you can quickly convert those likes into actual actions. Below are five easy tactics any Facebook page administrator can use to bolster the amount of leads they are generating from Facebook likes.

Landing Pages/Like Gates

If you want to gain the attention of prospective leads through Facebook, then you need to be using elements that are designed to attract and engage these users of social media. One of the best ways in which you can do both of these simultaneously is to create a landing page for your Facebook page, which summarizes both what your page is about and what the person stands to gain from engaging with your page. Many people use this as an opportunity to advertise a free trial or bonus perks that come with liking the page. You can also add on a subscription form or link so that people can connect with you in other ways, such as email.

Share Landing Pages

In addition to creating portals directly on your Facebook page, you can also use landing pages on your site in your Facebook page’s status updates. Whether you are wanting to encourage the purchase of select products, gain potential leads or simply boost exposure for a particular blog post, you can utilize a healthy mixture of these elements while directing interested parties to your landing pages – which should be already pinging your website‘s content to major search engines.

Special Promotions

People tend to like to complete tasks in exchange for something worthwhile; have you been offering freebies and added perks to those who like your page? As mentioned prior, it is a great idea to offer discounts, free information and access to professional assistance as it demonstrates not only that your content has value, but also makes those connecting with your page feel they are gaining something in return. You can offer these perks with a catch – perhaps they will need to sign up via email or fill out a short questionnaire.

Page Tabs

By taking advantage of the functionality you already have on your Facebook page, you can create more avenues of opportunity when it comes to translating likes into leads. You can create tabs to showcase your current offerings, as well as tabs for general information and discounts. While it does take some know-how to set these tabs up, most dedicated administrators can navigate this and successfully implement them.


Finally, pinging your website’s content may be effective but what are you doing to ping the eyes of people who land on your Facebook page? By using areas such as your profile picture, timeline, cover photo and tabs to show off your offers and products, each will have a greater chance of being seen and therefore, translate into more leads.

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