How Big Laughs Can Be Big for Content Marketing

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Laughing AppleThe desire for people to laugh is one of the most common human emotions. Content marketing focuses on eliciting a wide variety of emotions in consumers, readers and subscribers, with varying levels of success depending on the project and the audience. While not all occasions present opportunities for the same approaches, comedy is one element that can be enjoyed by many different groups of people. Businesses and brands that successfully implement comedy into their overall content marketing strategies may find it much easier to earn rapport with audiences – below, we’ll discuss some ways in which this can be done.

Make Comedy an Internal Focus

Before anything else, content marketing team must be able to have a few laughs in order to adequately consider the humour in potential marketing strategies. Being able to laugh at oneself is a pre-requisite for true comedy; many content marketing teams can find plenty about which to laugh if they look closely. For instance, there are likely many different projects in the past that were considered to be large and substantial risks that did not pan out as intended. Being able to laugh about failure through the confines of success is crucial if your team wishes to find ways in which to make others laugh – self-deprecation is always worth consideration.

Connecting Two Unrelated Ideas

Before you begin pinging users with random forms of humour, you’ll first want to consider how humour in general can be combined with your overall objectives. This type of content marketing will undoubtedly be the most effective – while sharing generic, funny content on social media may initiate engagement, it will have no long-term purpose. We recommend selecting a topic related to your marketing efforts and something completely unrelated. From here, begin brainstorming for ideas connected to each. As you expand outward, you will sooner or later find a connection between the humorous concept and the concept related to your overall marketing goals. From here, the act of creation becomes much more straightforward.

Deploying the Effective Concepts

With uplifted spirits among the team members and a seemingly well-connected idea for humour, the process then turns to incorporating effective marketing techniques into the broader effort. Regardless of the type of humour that is approached, it will be necessary to find punchlines, anecdotes or other forms of story-telling that connect with the overall style of humour being pursued. Then, you’ll need to build rapport with the audience by ensuring that the language being used creates a connection, is remembered and makes an impression upon the specific audience being targeted. Finally, don’t forget to underscore the broader point that the humour is trying to make – otherwise, you’ll be pinging users with content that doesn’t resonate.


By promoting the concept of comedy within the marketing team’s atmosphere itself, connecting unrelated ideas in an easy to follow fashion and then combining standard marketing techniques with the final idea, your brand or business can effectively create comedy content marketing via video, infographics, podcasts and any other form of content.

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