How to Sell Your Website for a High Price

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Website High PriceIf you have spent countless hours building, promoting and maintaining a professional, popular website, then congratulations: you are among a very small minority of website owners who has accomplished the seemingly impossible. Most of us, however, do not have top-tier domain names or websites that demand the utmost in monetary compensation. Fortunately, every webmaster has at his or her disposal a variety of tactics that can be used to augment the value of their website and make it more appealing to prospective buyers. In the following article, we will outline several strategies for selling your website for the best price possible.

Emphasize Your Audience

Not everyone will be interested in purchasing your website, but depending upon the niche, you may be able to appeal to those who have an interest in assuming a well-established website on a category similar to their current efforts. By knowing exactly who your audience is, you can document and use this information in your sales pitch to any prospective buyers. Obviously, you can include external metrics such as social media hubs in this as well, since they are valuable content distribution modules and are playing a more significant role in search engine optimization as of late.

Discuss Revenues

While nobody wants to divulge all of their website’s financial details to a complete stranger, you can provide basic information such as the amount of overall revenue the site is raking in each month or year. Some web owners find themselves in the position of having a great, well-trafficked website but not having much in terms of financial success. If your audience is wide-reaching, then you will want to attempt to monetize the site before selling it. A non-monetized yet popular website will be very appealing to prospective buyers – but they will want to pay you peanuts for it. It’s a much better idea to attempt to monetize the site beforehand by pinging backlinks and promotional offers in order to get the maximum amount of revenue.

Create a Sense of Demand

If you are in personal correspondence with someone who is interested in your website, then the best way to encourage action on their part is to create the sense of demand for the product. In other words, make sure the prospective buyer knows that there are others who are interested in this website (even if that is not the case). Let them know that the price is a certain amount and the first person to act on it will get it at that rate, but that in a short period of time (a couple of days or a week), the website will go to auction for a higher price than is currently quoted. This will not discourage those who are interested, but will create a sense of urgency on their behalf to act quickly.

For those who have been creating quality content, pinging backlinks and otherwise building a sound infrastructure for their websites, selling it for a great price is not too difficult. Sometimes this requires patience; if you are impulsive, then you will not in most cases get the best deal. Once you have determined a reasonable monetary sum for your website, hold on to it and continue bettering it until you find a prospective buyer.

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