What Does It Take to Write Incredible Headlines?

In today’s highly competitive world of content, making a name for yourself is paramount. Without a captivating presence in the digital realm, a hundred other potential competitors can outshine you and steal your prospective audience without resistance. For this reason, capturing the attention of readers and viewers – and maintaining it – are vital components of any content strategy.

One of the most pivotal elements of content marketing is the presence of a powerful headline. Being able to snag the attention of readers from the get-go and maintain their interest through relevant information and persuasion is a cornerstone of any content strategy.

As such, we’ll be looking today at how you can build captivating and awesome headlines that lure in readers and ensure you can make the best overall impression.

Be Concise and Clear

Ultimately, the age of clickbait titles has passed. Most people – in an era where social media and marketing deluges bombard people every single day – are relatively immune to obscure and otherwise misleading headlines and titles. If you really want to pull in a target audience with a captivating headline, then you must start pinging servers with headlines that detail in just a few words what audiences can expect.

This is easily observed in posts and pages that used numbered or list-based content. For instance, “47 Ways to Dress Better for Work” or “7 Solutions to Pay Off Debt”. Especially for individuals seeking answers and solutions via search engines, finding concise headlines that detail exactly what to expect lead to higher click-through rates and better overall engagement with the audiences you attract.

Utilize A/B Testing

Every audience is different. You might have a good grasp on what your audience expects, who they are and how they generally interact with content (or you might still be learning). Regardless, building the best headlines isn’t just a simple formula with a couple of recommendations: every content marketer must experiment with various strategies to find out what works best for them.

The simplest way to do so is by varying your headlines for similar forms of content over a period of time. By distributing and marketing this content on the same platforms – but with different pitches in your headline – you’ll gradually begin to notice differences in how well each piece of content performs. With this information in hand, you’ll be able to build a basic structure of how to build each headline for optimal results.

Incorporate Power Words

Beyond testing various headline options and communicating clearly with your audience, there are other steps you can take to boost headline performance. Perhaps one of the easiest options is to include power words in every headline. What are power words exactly?

Power words are defined as words that elicit a particular emotional or psychological response in readers. These words often come in the form of adverbs, figures of speech or nouns that resonate with wide segments of people. Think about a local store’s use of select words in a sales campaign: you may see mentions of “discount”, “massive”, “savings”, or “free”. If you’re pinging servers with headlines that include power words, the chances of more people clicking on your content increases substantially.

Ultimately, crafting the very best headlines requires some planning and experimentation, but much of the battle can be won by just a few quick tweaks. Be sure to use these tips in your future efforts and give your content a better chance at breaking through the digital noise!

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