How to Gain The Most from Your Thank You Pages

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Thank You PageWhenever a customer makes a purchase or a visitor to your website subscribes to your mailing list, it is generally a good idea to redirect them to a thank you page that confirms their action and lets them know your appreciation. In the past, these pages tended to be fairly bland and only confirmed the act that the user took, but many webmasters and businesses have redefined this element of their websites in order to increase conversions, boost sales and promote sharing. There are a number of ways in which you can accomplish this, but it takes a bit of creativity and programming smarts to bring it all together. Below, we will discuss a few tips that can help you gain the most from your thank you pages and take your brand to new heights.

Demographic Info Collection

Many websites now have begun to ask users for various details about their lives that are not status quo fields for mailing lists and promotions. When you can inspect your audience’s tendencies, occupations and spending habits, then you can paint a better picture and subsequently appeal to each aspect of the audience more effectively. Those who utilize this data with a content management system and drop-down selections can even create customized thank you pages that are more likely to appeal to a given individual once they submit their request. When you are pinging online for this type of information, however, you will want to limit your additional customized fields to one or two entries so as not to discourage visitors and customers from filling out the information.

Utilize Coupons and Incentives

When people complete an action, you obviously want to be as generous as possible in your thank-you approach. One way to show this gratitude and simultaneously increase the likelihood of additional or new business is through incentive-based offerings or coupon listings on the page. For instance, an individual who signs up for your mailing list may receive a link to a free e-book that you have created, or a coupon for 10 percent off their next purchase from you. These subtle actions can increase conversions, boost sharing and generate buzz about your brand.

Social Sharing Functions

Chances are that if someone engaged with your brand, then they have friends who would also find your products, services or subscriptions amenable. Any thank you page should contain multiple social sharing options to allow users to share this content via Facebook, Twitter and other sites. When you are pinging online social signals, this can also help boost your search exposure in select circumstances. The real gain, however, is targeted sharing from individuals who already find benefit in your brand – their friends will also be more likely to engage since it comes from a trusted source.


Anyone who provides a product or service needs a thank you page. The versatility of platforms such as WordPress allow for total customization and a variety of features can be added to encourage further participation and sharing by your visitors. Through demographic information collection, incentive-based rewards for signing up and social sharing options, you can grow your brand’s clout and help gain valuable exposure for your website through a variety of venues.

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