The Best Ways to Optimize Your Mobile Presence

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Mobile PresenceAny business, brand or project needs to adapt to the ever changing environment of SEO. In the past, it was easy to promote your website and rise to the top of SERPs. These days however, competition is fierce in virtually every niche, and upstart and newer businesses have found themselves in the position where obtaining the prerequisite amount of exposure to rise to the top is increasingly difficult. Many marketing platforms, advertisers and search engines have recently split mobile results into a separate category, which has created new opportunities for smaller businesses and brands. If your business, brand or project wants to rise to the top but needs a new outlet through which to do so, then continue reading to find out how mobile optimization may be the best pathway for you.

Use Social Network Mobile Advertising

With recent reports that show that more than one quarter of all internet traffic originates from mobile devices, there has never been a better time for webmasters and marketers to take advantage of mobile advertising. Social networks are the best places in which to reach targeted audiences on a low budget – while search engines are an excellent marketing medium, the costs are usually much higher. Sites like Facebook have recently added mobile user targeting as part of their advertising campaigns, and the best part is that the mobile targeting option is a free service. Mobile engagements via Facebook ads have been shown to have higher CTR than traditional desktop browsing, so it is a win-win for many webmasters and marketers.

Use Mobile-Friendly Templates and Themes

Most webmasters use some type of content management system such as WordPress in order to get their message out there. If you are pinging your blog to search engines, then you will want to be sure that everyone who sees these results can view your site effectively. Many templates and themes now come with mobile compatibility, but those who continue to use templates from years past may not have this advantage. You can find mobile friendly templates through theme catalogues available on WordPress and other CMS portals, but a website built from the ground up may require additional coding in order to be fully mobile compliant.

Use Proper Page and URL Structure

If you built your website or blog from the ground up, then it is important to optimize your code for mobile SEO performance. This means that keywords, crawler access and user accessibility are all accounted for in some aspect. In addition to this, pinging your blog to search engines for mobile distribution will only be so effective if you do not have truncated or intuitive URL structure. Search engines tend to select the most relevant URLs when aggregating results to mobile users, so you can maximize your chances for success through the use of simplified and straightforward URLs. If you have WordPress, for instance, you can alter your page URL settings in its control panel.


Mobile marketing and SEO is the future. As more and more people transition to mobile devices, this category will become the most popular medium of search. You can augment your rankings via mobile through the use of mobile-friendly templates, proper page and URL structure, and social media mobile advertising that reaches larger audiences.

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