Where Should SEO Novices Spend the Most Time for Best Results?

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Search engine optimization feels like a titan in and of itself. Massive and complex, many who undertake the act of learning about this strategy often feel like dogs attempting to drink out of fire hydrants: there is so much to learn, know and do that it can all feel so overwhelming.

In the early stages especially, exhaustion and exasperation can be the harbingers of doom for those who wish to pursue various SEO endeavors. Because of this, knowing where to focus is crucial: it can help keep novices from burning out and will gradually build a foundation of progress and results from which to expand.

In the spirit of helping those new to SEO, let’s examine which strategies should be focused on in the beginning for optimal results.

Establishing Authority

What will make your brand stand out from potential competitors within your niche? When initially building an online presence and focusing on SEO, it can be very difficult to achieve any tangible visibility. Even in the situations where you might succeed, audiences who don’t recognize your brand may have difficulty trusting it. This can be particularly frustrating when selling products and services.

If you want to avoid pinging noise at audiences forever, then you have to establish some authority and trustworthiness within your niche. This can be accomplished by earning backlinks, authoring guest blog posts and even engaging in a bit of paid advertising on search engines and social media. Once audiences see you around – and see others who they trust mentioning you positively – converting that visibility into long-term SEO potential becomes a viable option.

Creating Enjoyable Content

Given the huge amount of responsibility that comes with pursuing any broader SEO strategy, one of the most common reasons for failure early on is a feeling of being overwhelmed. Because of this, picking and choosing your battles is essential. Thankfully, content creation is both one of the core tenets of SEO and an enjoyable experience for many people – when they’re focused on creating content they love.

Newly emerging brands should absolutely focus on creating content that will be enjoyable to both them and their audiences. If you can bridge the gap between what you enjoy doing and what your target audience craves, then you’ll easily create the foundation for a successful SEO strategy in the months and years to come.

Researching the Competition

At the onset of your brand’s emergence into the digital realm, you’ll likely not be aware of what audiences crave and who else may be providing it to them. It is thus vital that you determine who your competitors are within all niches and search engine results pages. After all, there are lessons to be learned from your competitors.

You’ll be able to see what works and what doesn’t by analyzing the competition, whether it pertains to content or link building strategies. This can help you avoid pinging noise at your audience and instead focus on your content creation on what you and your audience both love.

It’s critical that those who are new to SEO not bite off more than they can chew. By picking specific areas to focus on in the early stages, you can build the basis for a strong future search engine optimization effort, all the while avoiding burn-out and gradually easing yourself into the technical art of SEO.


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