How to Turn Negative Reviews Into Opportunities

Review FacesIt’s only a matter of time: if you serve customers on the web, you will sooner or later encounter the dreaded bad review. With so many outlets on the web where people can discuss your brand negatively, it can be stressful to know that constant research and monitoring is required in order to maintain a decent brand reputation. While negative reviews may be discouraging, there are ways in which brands can leverage this situation into something positive. If you already have negative mentions around the web about your brand or if you simply want to be prepared, then continue reading to find out how these negative reviews can produce something of value in their wake.

A Chance to Monitor Competitors

Perhaps the biggest impact that negative reviews can have on your business or brand is the effect of driving shoppers to the competition. The question then becomes one of, “how well is the competition doing?”. In many respects, perusing your negative reviews can shed some light on how well the competition is doing, what areas they are performing better in, and many other important titbits. By pinging servers for this information, you’ll get a first-hand glimpse into how these people feel about the competition, and this can definitely provide insight into how to improve your own operation. It may also inspire you to dig deeper and begin researching the competition’s independent negative reviews. Are they doing better, the same or worse than you?

A Chance to Develop Reputation Management Solutions

All too many brands are flying blind when it comes to reputation management. In short, negative reviews and commentary go unchallenged across the web, slowly building influence, and therefore turning more and more people against your brand. There are many reputation management software solutions available that make it possible for you to keep tabs on this information and respond appropriately. Some will integrate across many different apps and platforms, helping alert you to negative reviews as soon as they occur and even responding automatically on your behalf. This proactive approach is essential in combating the negative effects of bad reviews and can help generate better results in some cases, so view it as an opportunity.

A Learning Opportunity

Last but definitely not least, negative reviews can be a chance for you and any fellow employees to get together and study your current strategies. Are the negative reviews in question centred around consistent themes? If so, then it may be time to consider how these areas can be improved. For instance, are people complaining about shipping and handling times? Customer service? Whatever the findings, there is often a chance for something positive to come out of the experience, including a revision of how everyday tasks are handled between brand and customer.

If multiple customers are pinging servers with a variety of complaints, then you know how frustrating it can feel. What exactly are these complaints centred around, if anything at all? Let us know about your experiences below and share any tips you have for fixing the problem.

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