Build More Links by Building These Types of Content

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Link building remains very important in generating and maintaining a robust presence in search engines, as well as an alternative form of driving traffic from other websites. While some suggest that link building isn’t as influential in search engine algorithms as it once was, the benefits still suggest that utilizing it is a prime strategy for smart SEO enthusiasts.

As those who have built links before know, some forms of content are easier to build links with than others. Especially when aiming to earn links through completely organic means, knowing which types of content people prefer can make a huge difference.

Here are some content suggestions that are known to help brands build more links.

Interactive Charts, Graphs and Maps

Lots of people love a good set of data. Unfortunately, data can be so boring to analyze in traditional form, but brands that find ways to visually display this data in interesting formats can earn an immense number of links from those who find it captivating.

A variety of interactive data formats can be considered, like maps, charts and graphs. These elements can be programmed through a variety of solutions such as Tableau, allowing users to hover over individual elements, see results and even manipulate data under some circumstances.

Any time data is visualized in an interesting and interactive format, it tend to explode in popularity. By providing such data in interesting formats, your links will be pinging websites in no time at all.

Intriguing Online Quizzes

We’ve all seen them. We’ve all done them. As much as some people might think the idea of online quizzes are mundane and cliché, this form of content still finds a way to drive traffic and build links.

Many websites allow users to create custom quizzes that are hosted on their domain; however, you want to create quizzes that can be embedded within your own website. Whether they are fully integrated or merely a quiz that can be taken on your website (but is hosted elsewhere), this type of content can quickly go viral through social media and email.

Ultimately, if you create an online quiz that is unique and relevant to your target audience, expect it to garner some attention and backlinks once you get the word out about it.

Generators and Calculators

Plenty of people love to play around with numbers or simulate various ideas, situations and concepts. While this will require more programming knowledge than the other items on the list, the creation of content that allows people to calculate or generate specific needs or scenario is always is in demand.

Whether it be a calculator that helps you determine the number of nails you’ll need for a backyard fence or a science lab simulator, these interactive and helpful tools will earn links easily. You’ll find these tools pinging websites all over the internet if you manage to create something useful that others aren’t supplying to the masses!

Creating content of any type can potentially earn your website links, but interactive content is by far the best choice for earning the largest number per effort. While you may not possess the skills to create all of these content offerings yourself, working with others to make this a possibility can potentially pay off for your brand in terms of traffic and SEO potential.

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