Three Tools for Boosting Brand Productivity, Online and Off

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Boost ColourfulWith so much to get done online and offline, it can be difficult to stay on track. Knowing that a busy day is in the forecast today, tomorrow, and every day thereafter can be a mentally exhausting reality. As such, making time for breaks and the occasional getaway becomes much more important. Fortunately, this can be done by being more productive when at work. The human body is only capable of so much, but technology is making it easier and easier for us to get more done in less time. Below, we’ll share with you three tools that any brand or business can use to help boost brand productivity and earn back more time each day.

File Sharing – Dropbox

In order to find ways to shave off a few minutes here and there each week when it comes to work, we have to be conscious of our habits and methods. Dropbox makes it easy for employees and brands alike to share important files and information with each other and with the world. Instead of emailing that new spreadsheet to your assistant between each revision, Dropbox can allow the document to be updated in real-time and without the need for constant correspondence. This not only can come in handy for internal use, but it can also be linked to on the web, saving you time from having to upload to a FTP. In short, Dropbox maximizes efficiency for brands and ensures you are never without your documents.

Chat – HappyFox

Brands and businesses that field inquiries from the public know that there is a disproportionate number of requests made during working hours. The simple fact that these requests cannot be reviewed at once – and instead interrupt your day by requiring prompt response – mean lost productivity. Enter HappyFox, which can be used to corral your inquiries into a more efficient, productive medium. By simply pinging links to the HappyFox client on your website, you can set the hours in which communication is possible. For some, this will help narrow down the number of inquiries they handle in a given day. For others, this can improve the turnaround time on responses, as there is no delay in this software. Depending on your needs, HappyFox can also be used internally.

Monitoring – RescueTime

Sometimes, we need a consistent ally to help us understand how we use our time and what we are accomplishing. RescueTime just so happens to be the perfect ally for these situations. The installation of this software in your browser, desktop or laptop, and mobile device(s) can be great for assessing what you are doing at all hours of the day, and then categorizing that time into easy to assess categories. It will assess the situation day-by-day, helping to determine your overall productivity. This allows the tool to keep you informed on whether you are becoming more or less productive over time. So whether you are pinging links on social media or sending out emails to fellow employees, you’ll have a record of everything that’s being done with RescueTime. This is a tool that can be particularly useful when installed on computers and devices for everyone associated with your brand; it creates an extra sense of consciousness about how productive one is being.

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