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New LifeWhenever you have to spend hours each day creating or devising new types of content, there will come a point where you feel as if you have nothing left to give. This brain drain is a perfectly natural byproduct of exhausting creative juices but this does not mean that you are necessarily out of ideas or angles to consider. Sometimes, we just need a bit of encouragement or a break to get back to the task of content creation, while other times, it may take some assistance from an outside source. Whether you need help with brainstorming or simplifying various elements of the creation process, there are probably multiple tools out there to help get the job done. In the following article, we will discuss some web-based tools that you can use to bring new content to life after a stretch of struggles and mental blocks.

InBound Writer

Creating quality content is becoming more important and search engines continue to recognize its true worth. There can still be some struggles, however, in ensuring that your content is indexed and ranked as quickly as possible – this usually relates to SEO tactics or the lack thereof. Thankfully, a tool known as InBound Writer can be utilized to create SEO-friendly content and keep your content organized. Whenever you need to be pinging search engines with select keywords, the features in InBound Writer make it so easy to do so – as you type, recommendations for keywords will appear that you can then use to ensure you are targeting all of the right niches.


Whenever ideas run out, you may simply need a pick-me-up approach that quickly puts fresh and interesting perspectives in front of you. This is where Delicious can be of service: available for free, users can quickly find ideas for new posts by seeing all of the latest buzz across the internet, condensed into one location. You can even use Delicious with social media to see topics that pertain to your brand or business’ interests, making it easier to filter through all of the noise. For anyone who is struggling with topics, Delicious is one of the best answers on the web today.

Google Trends

Much of your content’s success will depend upon timing. The time at which your content is picked up by search engines can make the difference between being at the top of the page and never being seen, especially when it comes to current events and other news bits. Google Trends is a great way to find out what topics are currently on the up and up, allowing you to formulate ideas and act upon them before the groundswell of bloggers arrives and begins pinging search engines with their own content.


Whenever you need new ideas and motivation to craft new content, it sometimes just takes a few minutes and a couple of new tools to get there. We highly recommend that you check out Google Trends for late-breaking internet interests, Delicious for trending topics elsewhere and InBound Writer to help you optimize said content for search engines.

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