Brainstorm Your Way to New Content with These Awesome Tools

Brainstorm ToolsWhether you operate a small blog or are responsible for managing a massive conglomerate’s content strategy, there will always be times when it can seem as if the proverbial content well has dried up. Slow news days, worn-out writers and an intense focus on one subject for too long can all be common causes for writer’s block, but as is often said, the show must go on. With an array of technological marvels at our disposal these days, it should come as no surprise that there are solutions for even seemingly abstract problems, such as a lack of ideas. How can technology help you create new content from scratch, and which forms of it are great examples? Below, we will discuss these concepts and help introduce you to a few new tech tools that are perfect for brainstorming.

Assess Your Industry

It can be time-consuming to run here and there across the internet, pinging URLs left and right in search of all the latest news. RSS feeds can be one way to filter this info, but it doesn’t necessarily give you the kind of round-up that you need to ensure your content is up-to-date and relevant. One tool, Trapit, is great in this situation, and can help you pick the best subjects based on their past performance and likely performance with your audience. Those round-up articles that everyone loves can be easily created with a tool like Trapit, or you can simply use it as a way to find all of the interesting happenings in your industry in the past few days. Whatever the goal, this tool should definitely be given a try by anyone in the field of content creation.

Search Social Media

Sometimes, the latest and best ideas out there can be tracked on social media long before they hit the blogosphere. Because of this, it simply makes sense to go digging through status updates and tweets to find this information. A tool called Advanced Twitter Search makes it remarkably easy to comb through what would otherwise be a complete mess of tweets and can help you find relevant tweets for your niche or subject. In many cases, social media users are a great barometer for what your audience will want as well, so you may find that more popular ideas and questions will appear repetitively.

Analyse Search Trends

Last but not least, Google Trends is another great way to stay on top of what is popular. This can be an exceptional way to detect new breakout trends and strike while the iron is hot. If you are currently fresh out of ideas but have a broader topic you wish to explore, then you can let Trends do the work. As it is pinging URLs from all across the internet, you can take solace in knowing that you now know what is being searched for on the biggest search engine in the world. Since Google Trends is completely free and you most likely already have a Google account, there is no reason not to begin using it today.

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