4 Reasons to Use Instagram Marketing for Your Online Store

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Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms right now. Instagram has always stood out as a powerful marketing tool for businesses of all sizes, and it has become more important to businesses as it has grown and become more popular. While paid sponsorships and advertisements exist on the platform, any business can get started for free. If you are not already doing Instagram marketing, here are some compelling reasons why you should start.

Instagram Has a Massive User Base

There are over 2 billion active monthly users on Instagram. This means there are millions of people who can see your brand and its content every day if you create and target it right. Marketing is all about reaching potential customers where they are and Instagram gives you a massive pool of potential customers to target.

With so many potential customers, there is no reason your business should not have an Instagram marketing strategy.

You Can Leverage Instagram Influencers

While you can use your posts and Reels to reach new audiences, you might not have the reach an influencer has especially if you are a new business. Instagram marketing opens up opportunities to reach out to influencers and seek their help in promoting your products.

Instagram influencers have massive followings and can increase sales and revenues with a single post. If you do not have a huge marketing budget, you can always engage smaller influencers who have a significant reach but who will not charge you too much to promote your product or service.

Instagram influencers can also be instrumental in increasing brand awareness, recognition and trust which can help with customer acquisition and conversion down the line.

Get Traffic to Your Store

Instagram is a recognized way to get free and paid traffic to your store or ecommerce platform. Once you open an account, you can add a link to your bio, direct people to your bio, and then direct those people to your store.

Note that Instagram has recently become wary of spam links in bios so ensure you have good standing on the site and the link points to a legitimate store.

You can also optimise your content and make it enticing enough that it lands on the explore page. If it does, you can expect a surge of traffic to your bio and store. Be ready to take advantage of that.

You Can Sell Directly on Instagram

Instead of focusing your efforts on sending people to your store, you can focus on sending them to your storefront on Instagram. Instagram Shopping is a relatively new feature that helps businesses sell directly to customers on the platform.

Businesses can leverage product images, videos and even interactive content to drive sales on their storefronts. With over half of all Instagram users saying they’ve started shopping on the platform as per its own statistics, this could be a huge development for your business.


Instagram is arguably the most popular social media platform for those who love photos, videos, and shopping. The platform allows you to put your business in front of over 2 billion people and gives you features you can use to help your business thrive. These are just two of the many reasons why you should be using Instagram for marketing your online store.

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