How to Boost the Chances of Receiving Reviews

Red FireworkLet’s be honest: it is not easy to convince customers and shoppers to leave reviews. When someone is upset about a given transaction, then there is plenty of motivation to leave a negative review. However, being satisfied for many customers ends at the point in which they receive their product or service. As such, generating the necessary number of positive reviews online in order to boost search engine prominence or encourage more shoppers to buy can be difficult. Below, we’ll lay out some of the best ways in which you can goad your shoppers into leaving positive reviews on the platform of your choice.

Always Show Appreciation

The most important part of review generation to understand is that shoppers don’t receive much from leaving you a positive review. Only when they are truly satisfied is this possible in most cases. Shoppers will then feel as if they owe the business or brand something due to the fact that they received a great deal. When sending out email marketing campaigns that ask recent customers to leave a review, remember to be pinging users with phrases that show your appreciation for their business and their thoughts. In addition, indicate how the process helps others to arrive at the same conclusion as they did, being completely satisfied with their service and purchase.

Provide an Easy Way

Because leaving reviews is contrary to what the average customer will do, the only way you are going to maximize the number of positive reviews is to make the process simple for customers. While customers will inevitably decide to leave a review because they believe it is the right thing to do, simplifying the process increases the number of people who will follow through. If the review is to be left on a website other than your own, then please be sure to link directly to the review form in question. If the review is to be left on your own website, then use a plug-in to integrate the ratings system directly within the email. This way, you’ll be pinging users with the most direct ask and the most direct pathway to leaving a review.

Outline Specific Requests

It is one thing to ask people to leave reviews – it’s quite another to outline what specifically you’d like them to describe. If you’re only asking people to leave reviews, then they may leave them, but might fail to provide the descriptions or details that are necessary in convincing shoppers to select you. If asking for reviews on your website, then be sure to provide specific sections that ask particular questions about shipping, quality, customer service, and so forth. If asking for reviews to be left on other websites, then be sure to describe what specifically you’d like shoppers to say. This way, the review will have the desired impact with those who may be window-shopping and who are on the fence about what to do. Even satisfied shoppers need guidance, so don’t forget to provide them with all of the details.


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