A Marketer’s Guide to SlideShare

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Slide ShareAny sensible marketer knows to be constantly searching for new opportunities, as the next best thing may be around the corner. Likewise, what works today might not work tomorrow, so having new ways in which you can market your website, business or brand is crucial to long term success. Fortunately, a new alternative is on the horizon: SlideShare. Slowly becoming a powerhouse in the world of online marketing, SlideShare will certainly provide you with the opportunity to open your marketing to a whole new audience. For those interested in expanding their marketing efforts, continue reading to find out more.

What Is SlideShare?

SlideShare is an online way in which content marketers can share information, promotions, infographics and other forms of content in a fashion that is both consistent with and appealing to social media. By breaking with the status quo on how presentations and slideshows are delivered, SlideShare hopes to revolutionize the act of presenting information, while doing so in an aesthetically pleasing format. Many people are now using SlideShare to build their base of followers, recruit additional email subscribers and draw additional traffic to their websites. By pinging search engines with this content via SlideShare, you can increase exposure and “piggy-back” off of a site that has quickly managed to get into the Top 200 in Alexa’s rankings.

How To Develop Your Content

Content always determines how well any endeavour will do, and SlideShare is no different. While the tools at your disposal allow for an increased amount of creativity and flexibility, you still need to adhere to a few simple points that are pretty universal within the realm of marketing. The most important element in this case is determining what approach you will be using – are you going for shock value, which tends to generate viral buzz? Perhaps you are instead considering an angle that focuses solely on the quality of the content (by being as informative as possible), or separately, maybe you wish to invoke the emotions of your readers. Whatever route is chosen, it is vital that you pick a theme and consistently utilize that approach throughout your SlideShare presentation.

You Are Telling A Story

Regardless of the angle from which you approach your SlideShare project, you should remember that you are telling a story. As a general rule of thumb, the project should have a natural flow to it; a presentation that leaves individuals asking questions long before the answers to those questions are explained can be risky. This can lead to viewers being intrigued by the initial information, but then turning elsewhere to find answers to their remaining questions. Do not be afraid to use as many slides as necessary, as keeping each slide’s content as simple as possible is a good way to convince others to continue reading.


If you are seeking a new way in which your content can be distributed freely and always find its way to interested parties via pinging search engines, then SlideShare can be an extremely important element in your marketing strategy. With both free and premium solutions available, this platform is set to become the largest social networking presentation tool on the web; don’t miss out on the next big opportunity!

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