Analyse and Reach International Audiences with These Awesome Tools

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International AudienceWhether you manage a website, blog or both, the need for proper analysis and outreach to various audiences is one of the most important elements in marketing and content creation. While search engine optimization can propel you to the top of certain search results, you may often miss valuable opportunities to reach out to similar audiences in other countries. The age of the internet means that you have to forgo zero territory when it comes to social media, e-commerce and other elements that many webmasters incorporate into their marketing and content plans. If you have not yet focused on strategies designed to attract audiences from other countries, then continue reading to find out about a few tools that can be used to identify your international audiences and attract new individuals.

Google Analytics

Perhaps the most popular analytics tool available that is free, Google Analytics can provide a world of insight into your visitors, who may just so happen to be from all parts of the world. Under the Demographics tab in Google Analytics, you can see who has been pinging your website and from where they hail. You will be able to view this information and how it relates to trends, conversions and your current visitors. An interactive map will display the volume of each metric from each country, which makes it much simpler to understand where you already have an international audience and where more work will need to be done.


While Google is popular throughout much of the world, there are key markets in other countries that do not or cannot use Google. Take for instance audiences like Russia and China, which use sites such as Yandex and Baidu to access most information via search. The SEMRush utility can help webmasters determine just how optimized their current site infrastructure is for these search engines. What works with Google is not guaranteed to work with other search engines – by focusing on a mainly Western form of search engine optimization, you limit your exposure in other markets.


Now that you know where your natural international audiences are and which international search engines to target, you will then want to begin utilizing international keywords in order to have more people pinging your website. Ubersuggest allows users to enter in key phrases and specify a language – from here, it will generate a list of recommended keyword and phrases for you to use. Depending on the language used, you may be able to find some low-competition keywords in select languages that have not been properly targeted due to over-saturation in English-based search results.


A great way to view demographic and consumer profiles in various countries, TNS can help you gain insight into a variety of metrics that will make targeting much easier in international markets. Users can select an industry and country to see how individuals in that market respond to various suggestions from friends via social media and advertisements placed on sites such as Facebook and key search engines.

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