Are You Using SlideShare Presentations in Your Marketing Campaign?

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Share SlidesSlideShare is a revolutionary presentation tool that allows individuals to share presentations in real-time from anywhere in the world. SlideShare has more to offer than just simple presentation abilities; it can also be used as a creative way to publish and distribute content. Regardless of whether you are creating content as a hobby, pinging backlinks for conversions and leads or simply adding an aesthetic element to your existing site, SlideShare has something to offer every webmaster. Below, we will outline some of the key points and abilities offered by this tool so that you can see the reasoning in utilizing it in your day-to-day website and blog management.

Planning Your Path

SlideShare is simple to use – making it ideal for testing and planning. If you are considering a new e-book, for example, you can use SlideShare to put together a rough draft of your ideas and present them to others in order to receive preliminary feedback. By creating the outline of the book or product (chapters, subtitles, benefits of use) and sharing it with others, you can gauge preliminary feedback for your creation before deploying it. This will help prevent you from developing an inferior product and can help you avoid proceeding too far on something that may be perceived as flawed by others.

Get Personal and Interactive

If you are in the process of writing a new version of an e-book or wanting to tease potential customers with what will be offered in an upcoming product, then SlideShare can help showcase and demonstrate value on your behalf. One great way to utilize this program is to feature the authors that are working on the project – along with their basic information and credentials. Others use SlideShare to showcase completed chapters of a book before it is completely ready. Using this approach may help generate buzz for your product if it is especially interesting.

Embed Your Presentation

With SlideShare, you have the ability to embed the content directly into a webpage, as opposed to directing users to an external or off-page link. Traditional publications can end up being dull, making it a chore to balance pinging backlinks with all the different pages you will be using to showcase information. SlideShare allows page upon page of content to be displayed in the same place – giving readers the ability to navigate the content at their leisure without having to click on page after page. You can also use audio narrations with any SlideShare presentation, giving it an even more professional feel.

Deploy Inspired Content

With SlideShare’s intuitive interface and the ability to quickly divide content into chapters and sections, you may discover that you can elaborate further on each particular topic. A great example is someone who has already published an e-book with SlideShare. After categorizing the content, he or she may see that each chapter can be elaborated upon and eventually turned into its own e-book. Others often use teaser content with SlideShare in order to convince potential customers of the value of their product, allowing them to preview what they will receive via purchase.

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