Three Easy Ways to Boost Leads from Your Blog

Blog BoostPeople choose to blog for a variety of reasons. Some prefer to express themselves in a way that is easy to get published. Others do so because there is potential money to be made. The conglomeration of motivation results in countless blogs that provide us with all sorts of information on just about every topic and issue we could consider. Many people realize at a certain point that it is time to accomplish more with their writing, and many come to the conclusion that they would like to earn a bit of income for their efforts. Generating leads is a huge part of monetizing your blogging experience, but how can it be done with little effort? Below, we’ll discuss three easy ways that you can begin boosting leads from your blog and gaining traction when it comes to fiscal rewards.

Adapt to Mobile

As the internet continues to become increasingly mobile, so does the need for websites to adapt to these changing times. Websites that do not use mobile-friendly themes will likely find themselves with high bounce rates and few leads and conversions. What can be done to ensure that your blog is pinging URLs and content to readers efficiently? You can start by adopting a responsive theme through WordPress or one of the many other content management systems. Responsive themes will adapt your website’s layout to the device that is viewing it. If someone arrives at your blog via a tablet, then the site will be formatted properly and will load more quickly. The same can be said for both desktop devices and smartphones. This will ensure a growing share of internet traffic (currently around 40%) do not leave your website before it loads or because it is unreadable in a desktop format.

Use Intuitive Subscription Forms

Whether you are asking someone to subscribe to your mailing list, make a purchase or otherwise engage in some way with your blog, the subscription form you use can make all the difference in the world. There are a number of formats that can be used today with a content management system like WordPress; you can opt for a simple integrated form along the side of a page, a pop-up box that asks the user for their email address, or even landing pages to collect information when people first arrive. These subscription forms – in any circumstance – should be streamlined and simplified, collecting only as much information as needed. If you try to collect birthdays, addresses or other less needed items from your users, then expect fewer of them to engage. We highly recommend that you only ask for one or two pieces of information (name and email are the most common).

Provide Freebies

Your blog likely has a lot of information already on it. Why not summarize this information, create a larger document, and give it away as a freebie? You can generate plenty of leads and persuade many people to start pinging URLs back to your blog by simply offering a free e-book or something similar as a gift for signing up or subscribing to your blog.

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