How to Rock Twitter, Facebook and Google+

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Girl RockSucceeding on social media is vital if you wish to have a well-balanced, effective content marketing strategy. Yet, many people either have not engaged or do not know of the benefits that come with social media in regards to growing their business and further developing their brand. In most cases, achieving an elevated stance of social outreach is quite simple and really only takes time, dedication and a bit of consistency. Below, we will outline several ways in which you can take advantage of social media to get the word out about your website, business or product.

Consistent Status Updates

If the world is to hear what you have to say, then it makes sense that you need to make your voice heard consistently. Social media networking is a platform that requires time and effort to build into something self-sustaining and viable, but status updates are still required in order to maintain it. Do you have a new product or service being offered? Any promotions going on at the moment? Which cause are you currently championing? By pinging a website‘s latest updates and developments to social media, you demonstrate value and reliability to your followers – something that must be there in order for a successful content marketing strategy.

Network With Existing Contacts

You probably have dozens, hundreds, even thousands of email addresses and personal contact details for individuals with whom you have dealt with or have subscribed for updates from you in the past. These individuals are prime real estate when it comes to growing your social clout. All social network platforms allow for you to invite friends and look up people based on their email address or name. This is a great way to find people who have already demonstrated interest in your brand and who will be more likely to engage further with your social networking strategy.

Promote Each Platform On The Others

There is no doubt that some people prefer to use just one social network – but many engage with Facebook, Twitter, Google + and more. By pinging a website’s content or offerings on social media, you give your content a new audience, but what about promoting your social media platforms on other social media platforms? Cross-promotion is the best way to “tie up loose ends” when it comes to finding the maximum number of followers and subscribers on each site. One of your followers on Twitter might also be on Facebook, but hasn’t thought to look for you on there. Be sure to promote all of your profiles and you can rock the major social networks with your presence.

Integrate Social Media Into Web Content

This may seem like a no-brainer, but many fail to fully utilize the power of social widgets on their websites. There are widgets that allow you to display your page, status updates and recent activities (with options to “Like” or follow) for each social network, as well as options for allowing individuals to share any particular piece of web content on multiple social media sites. This element of social media is what leads to viral sharing more than anything – the gold mine of social media content marketing.

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    True! The more one integrates across platforms and systems, the better the exposure! This helps construct a solid online persona, and when used in conjunction with PINGLER — there’ll be NO STOPPING YOU!


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