The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Positive Brand Image

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Positive  ImageBuilding a brand via the internet can be a challenging task for those who have never had first-hand experience in doing so. Between knowing where to begin, what to acquire in terms of intellectual property and how to maintain your presence in a positive light, the process can be nerve wracking for many. Fortunately, creating a positive brand image online utilizes some of the same basic tactics anyone would use in the physical world, but with slight twists. We will walk you through the process of beginning to build your brand image in a way that suits both the desires of your brand and your business.

Build A Website

The first act of establishing an online brand image is to construct a traditional website. While some say that the future is within social media, having a website is crucial for many reasons: not everyone uses social media, and you do not want to miss out on potential opportunities. Likewise, you can always share your social media connections by pinging your website with plugins to allow individuals access to them. It is through the website that you will wish to have clear, professional logos that symbolize your business, in conjunction with simple navigation and (if applicable) customer options that makes using your website easy and remember-able.

Buy Up Domains

Before you can deploy your website, you will need hosting and a domain name ( that users will use to find their way to your site. The mistake many businesses make is that they buy just one domain name. The reality is that you can have multiple domain names redirecting to the same site, or establish unique websites for each domain that showcase different angles of a brand. It never hurts to have multiple domain names, as this will help you be found easier and will prevent malicious competitors from attempting to masquerade as your business in the aims of either earning your customers’ business or otherwise denigrating your brand’s positive image.

Use Social Media

There is no better way to maintain an intimate connection with your followers than by expanding your brand’s presence to social media. Those who use social media to highlight their brand, product or company can expect up to twice the amount of exposure as they would otherwise get with just a traditional website. By pinging your website’s latest updates to all of your social media outlets, you can be sure that everyone with whom you are connected is able to view and interact with your brand. You also want to make sure to carry over any logos and imagery to make sure that your social media pages stand out and are easily recognizable in status feeds.

Create Blogs

Having a blog for your brand is great for providing information and thus associating your brand as a valuable contributor in whatever field of interest it is based. Some brands create various blogs that cover different details of the brand: one may speak about its community outreach, while another may focus on product offerings and promotions. If you can create enough content to maintain multiple blogs about your brand, then you absolutely must consider deploying as many blogs as you can handle.

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