LinkedIn SEO Tricks to Help Raise Your Profile Rank

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Raise Your ProfileCountless business professionals have flocked to LinkedIn as a place where like-minded people can interact, network and likewise increase their clout in the business world. Whether it is in the pursuit of a new career or in search of a new solution for a particular business objective, LinkedIn has the largest gathering of professionals online than any other outlet on the planet. LinkedIn profiles have a dual function: they help people find you within the confines of LinkedIn, but they also are displayed in certain search results. For those wishing to raise their profile rank and appear more prominently in search results, continue reading to find out how to do so.

Give Your URL A Catchy Name

Each and every LinkedIn profile has a URL that can be customized, giving you the ability to formulate a goal in how you want others to see your profile and also what information is transmitted when pinging to Google. Rather than using a random string of characters, you can attempt to use your name, your company’s name or even certain keywords that will make your profile more likely to appear in select search results. This also makes it quite easy for people to use your direct URL to locate your LinkedIn page; they will either be able to remember it after seeing it for the first time, or people who have not found your profile yet may stumble across it via search results.

Public Profiles

So many users of LinkedIn want to be noticed by potential recruiters, HR staff and clients but ultimately fail to do one of the best things for recognition: enabling public viewing of their profiles. If your profile is limited to being viewed by only those in your inner circles, then it suddenly becomes exponentially more difficult for others to find you on the social network (actually, it becomes impossible). Make sure to enable this feature so that both potential contacts and search engines are able to view your profile’s content and credentials.

Smart Keywords

Using keywords on the internet to gain exposure is nothing new, but using them on LinkedIn is an art and must be done so carefully. The first and only real rule of thumb in regards to LinkedIn and keywords is to use relevant keywords that are applicable to you. For the vast majority of people, these keywords will pertain to the job or career in which you are currently employed or seeking employment. Most users of LinkedIn are not known well enough for the usage of their names as keywords, so stick to the outlined advice above when employing the usage of keywords in your profile.


Getting extra mileage out of your LinkedIn profile is simple and only takes a few steps. When pinging to Google the details of your LinkedIn profile, you can expect to receive more inquiries and job opportunities as your clout continues to grow within pre-determined search results. By filling out all the basic information fields on your profile, enabling public access, using keywords and creating a custom URL, you can leave a good impression and make yourself remember-able to those who find you.


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