Four Google Resources Marketers May Not Know About

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Google ResourcesAnyone who lives in the world of search engine optimization, keywords and content marketing knows that Google offers a ton of useful tools and options to help monitor and improve performance. Some of the more popular programs like Analytics and Adwords are notable mentions, but there are several other lesser-known tools that can help webmasters, bloggers, marketers and business owners monitor their performance and engage more with their audiences. In the following article, we will discuss four of these Google resources and how each can offer you something of value in your everyday content marketing and analytics monitoring.

Think Insights

If you have wanted to gain additional insight into how key demographics react to various advertising campaigns, learn more about documented consumer habits and find new ways to be pinging for SEO while attracting new readers and customers, then Google’s Think Insights is a great tool. Developed by Google and other key industry leaders, this tool offers dozens of research cases that outline how and why people interact with specific brands. Users can break down these studies by industry in order to find those that are most relevant to them, as well as observe successful advertising campaigns that have paid off for select businesses.


While probably the best known Google tool on this list, Google Trends is often overlooked in key areas in which it can provide substantial benefits. Anyone who wants to determine the historical performance of select keywords can quickly do so via this service, which can help budding webmasters and bloggers avoid the usage of keywords that may be declining rapidly in popularity or are otherwise lackluster. Users will be able to monitor various keywords at once, see declines or increases in popularity based on seasonal search habits and export all of this data to a spreadsheet for further review.

Public Data Explorer

This relatively new tool is a great way for businesses and brands to explore various data sets that may be relevant to their mission or subjects. Thousands of different data sets can be found that cover demographics, population, economics and public sector information – which may come in handy for the creation of snazzy infographics or data-themed content. Not only can users browse existing data sets, but they can also upload their own sets of data to the service for the world to see. You will be able to quickly switch back and forth between various elements and also overlap them to see various correlations or contrasts.


Last but not least, anyone who is pinging for SEO will enjoy the Zeitgeist tool from Google, a way to see what viewers from anywhere in the world were interested in at any given time. Users can quickly input a location and time-frame, and Zeitgeist will display snippets, articles, videos and other multimedia from that time period that were popular. This is a great way to reverse-engineer search trends and understand what exactly was popular with any demographic at a certain time. It can also be a fun tool to use if you are creating content that is reminiscing about a particular time in the past.

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