Reasons Why Every Blogger Needs a Personal Landing Page

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Landing PagesEstablishing a brand for yourself goes a long way in developing a reputation and having great SEO karma. Still, many webmasters, freelancers and entrepreneurs have not properly setup their own landing pages, missing out on a personal element that can make the difference between being seen or overlooked. Fortunately, landing pages do not take much effort and can be configured in a short period of time. If you have been putting off the development of a landing page or simply did not know the importance of it, continue reading to find out what a landing page can offer you.

Take Control of Your Online Brand

There is no better way to cement a grasp on your online profile, presence and brand recognition than by having your very own landing page. Pinging lists of valuable, optimized information about yourself to major search engines will give them the association cues necessary to help rank your landing page higher in search results, ensuring that you are seen. If you engage in multiple projects, then your landing page can serve as a hub where interested parties are able to see all that you currently are developing. What better way to tell the world what you stand for than by using a landing page configured to represent you and your brands?

A Certain Level of Duplicity

Hopefully, your existing products, pages and projects have been properly promoted through the use of search engine optimization, keyword allocation and backlink building. This is great, but you can augment this effect by having a personal landing page. When the same content is mentioned on a separate website (in this case, the landing page), search engines will have more connections and associations to make between your brands and the subjects to which they pertain. What’s even better is that your landing page can mention all of your projects in one centralized location, conveying a basic yet necessary amount of information to those who are interested.

It Helps You Stand Out

Generally speaking, when we see a personal landing page, we believe that person to be of merit or value. Why else would they have their very own page, outlining all the work they do? Many webmasters and bloggers fail to engage in creating landing pages, so you can certain stand out and above the crowd when you centralize your occupational affairs into one easy-to-read platform. With the vast majority of people “not feeling important enough” to create their own landing pages, be sure to stake out your reputation and take advantage of the situation.


The key element behind a landing page is to maintain reputation, build SEO credibility and raise awareness of your overall profile. By creating your personal landing page, you can be passively pinging lists of information about yourself to search engines, readers and social media platforms. Landing pages help you stand out from the crowd, further associate your brands with both yourself and key search queries and allow you to gain control of your online reputation. Do not put off creating a landing page any longer; your reputation will thank you in the future.

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