Evergreen SEO Tips Everyone Can Implement

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Green SEOFor those who are constantly learning and experimenting with search engine optimization tactics, the term ‘evergreen content’ is probably familiar to you. For those who are not aware, evergreen content can be broadly defined as content that has value on a consistent basis. News articles and seasonal content are examples of what evergreen content is not, while how-tos and product reviews are considered to be valid sources of evergreen content. In this article, we will outline several tips that anyone can use to make sure their blog or website is rich with evergreen content, giving their existing and potential readers valuable information that does not expire.

Don’t Use Jargon

When creating evergreen content, the main goal of said content is to be informative while still being easy to read. When you create “expert articles” or overly complicated topics, you are far less likely to attract the types of readers that most websites are seeking. Rather than pinging your website with detailed explanations on technical topics, try writing the same content from a layman’s perspective. Most readers – regardless of niche – are not going to be rocket scientists. By outlining your content with easy to understand language, you will have a better chance at engaging and retaining those readers.

Implement Keywords

One of the most successful elements of evergreen content is its ability to incorporate keywords into the mix – something other forms of content struggle with due to their nature. Obviously, the keywords being used should be relevant to the topic (most search engines can tell these days if you are stuffing words), but there is still a fair amount of leeway for incorporating key phrases into your content. On top of this, search engines love evergreen content – if you are creating a how-to or tips for dealing with a particular problem, then Google and other search engines will be more likely to pick up your posts than they will with news stories or fashion trends.

Keep It Narrow

When producing evergreen content, there is a tendency for some to try to cater to every angle and topic. This is a bad strategy, and one that will leave you a mile wide and an inch deep when it comes to attracting the audiences you need. It also tends to be that broader articles and evergreen content tend to be much longer: the shorter and more concise your content is, the higher chance you have at keeping the attention spans of your readers.

Make Content Interrelated

If you are wanting to write a large post about a particular subject, consider breaking that down into bits and pieces. The main reason that you would want to do this is so that you can link those various pieces of content to one another, making them more index-able when bots are pinging your website. This will also help keep each specific piece of content on its own, allowing for greater search penetration by your various pages. Would you rather have one long article that gets incorporated into one or two specific search results, or ten evergreen articles that are able to break into multiple search results?

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