Work From Your Desk? These Health Issues Could Be Concerning

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Office HealthAs more and more people settle into sedentary lifestyles, certain health risks are becoming more and more common. In years past, most people were employed in some occupation that required a healthy amount of movement and physical exertion, but technology has revolutionized many of the ways in which we work, leading to a higher percentage of people performing their daily tasks from a desk or computer. Freelancers and content creators are particularly familiar with this line of work, and know first-hand that many seemingly minor ailments can develop – if not rectified, long-term habits will translate into serious problems. Below, we will discuss the most common health issues that you can expect to face if you work from home, a desk and do not take time to exercise, eat right and sit properly.

Cardiovascular Issues

A life of sedentary behavior may seem to be the best way not to put strain on your body, but it unfortunately does put strain on your cardiovascular system. Those who consistently sit for work and play are much more likely to suffer from a heart attack, stroke or heart disease later in life. The key reason for this is that most sedentary jobs leave people feeling sluggish and therefore they become less likely to work out on a regular basis. A simple routine of 30 minutes of cardio each day can help stave off these effects, according to multiple medical studies. Also: anyone who has trouble with writer’s block or a lack of creativity can do cardio in order to reinvigorate the senses and begin pinging blogs again in no time.

Bad Posture

Another common problem among those who spend their lives in front of the computer or at a desk is bad posture. This may not seem a troubling concern, but prolonged and repeated periods of improper posture will ultimately lead to muscle, bone and joint issues later in life. Many people who work in these settings experience a variety of back and neck pains that are the result of the human body trying (and failing) to adapt to such an unnatural environment. Some ways that you can help avoid this fate include the installation of a standing desk, ergonomic computer equipment and periodic breaks from the desk.

Weight Gain

In the midst of meeting our deadlines, pinging blogs with new content and otherwise being productive at work, we may neglect our diets and see comfort in the form of fatty, salty and otherwise unhealthy foods. The routines associated with desk work allow individuals to eat more while also being more sedentary, which can have a whammy effect on your waistline. Weight gain and obesity are known causes of complications like diabetes, heart disease and premature death, so avoiding this fate is perhaps the most vital of any on this list. Anyone can take control of this aspect of his or her life by reducing portion sizes, introducing some form of daily exercise and consulting with a physician if the problem persists.

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