How to Show Clients That Your SEO Efforts Are Working

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Website TrafficAnyone who is currently employed in the vast world of search engine optimization will tell you that clients come in all shapes and sizes. From the casual, laissez-faire approach of the upstart business type to the overly-insistent, show-me-everything coordinator who outsourced his comfortable office job to you, it can be a roller coaster ride between each different client and the approaches necessary to placate all of them. Most clients will want to know two things when it comes to SEO tactics being deployed to augment their site’s presence: what is overall traffic like and what steps have you taken to achieve it. If you need to demonstrate your bona fides mid-project to a particular client, then continue reading to find out some simple steps you can take to ensure they are satisfied.

Keyword and Traffic Results

If you are pinging websites to search engines via the use of keywords, then there is an easy way to see how this is working (or not) in regards to traffic. Google Analytics – which should already be in use if you are performing SEO on any website – offers a simple solution via the search interface. It is here that you will be able to fetch a list of every keyword that has resulted in visitors being directed to the website in question. These traffic reports can be vital tools in demonstrating that your SEO keyword approaches have yielded an increased number of readers. With customizable date ranges, you can generate a report that outlines any progress made since before your services were enlisted. This basic report can go a long way in reassuring clients that you are being both proactive and effective with SEO efforts.

Corresponding Diaries and Reports

When you have executed dozens of different SEO actions on a particular website or social media, you can sometimes forget every minute detail unless it is properly documented. There are a variety of solutions that can help ensure that every little detail is recorded for future reference and even overlays; many people use Google Analytics and simply create events to record their actions, or default to a calendar app or program that allows for quick visual assessments. These actions – once recorded – can then be coupled with keyword reports and other analytics to demonstrate the effect that pinging websites and other SEO efforts have had. A professional report can then be created and given to any client as a summary of current progress.

Proactive Communications

Not all clients will be concerned with the progress of SEO efforts if they do not hear from you for a few weeks, but some people have a natural tendency to continuously want updates. You can reassure a client if you reach out before any information is requested, with a combination of the reports and analysis mentioned above as proof of your current progress. Not only will it provide them with information that is valuable from their perspective, but it will also help foster a better working relationship when the client in question can trust you to be on top of affairs and communicate with them in a rapid fashion.


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