Build More Links This Year with These Three Handy Tips

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Happy LinksIt should come as no surprise that as the internet continues to become more crowded, more and more people find themselves struggling in the area of link creation. In most environments, an over-saturation of such elements would ultimately lead to a collapse and balance would be restored; this does not seem to be the case when it comes to millions of webmasters pinging links to search engines, blogs and websites. As this art of gaining traction with search engines and readers alike becomes more and more difficult, you must be on the lookout for new and exciting ways to generate links. In the following article, we will outline three different ways you can hit the ground running this year and boost link building efforts past that of the competition.

Repurpose Multimedia

Many people have remarked over the past couple of years about the role that infographics can play in marketing and link building. This strategy remains just as viable as it was in months and years past, but there is a huge availability of existing content that can be used to your advantage. A quick search for forms of multimedia in your niche will produce plenty of results, with many of them being out of date. You can use this information as an opportunity to build new, updated versions of this content and grab more attention by having the latest and greatest features. Ultimately, people crave information in easily digestible forms, so use the most successful versions of these elements to recreate that success.

Repurpose Evergreen Content

Much as with multimedia, evergreen content has a huge demand in many niches due to its longer lifespan and relevance. There can still be huge developments in your industry or niche that make many forms of evergreen content obsolete. Most proactive bloggers and webmasters will be on the lookout for these changes and will update their content sooner or later, but you have valuable opportunities to create new links by snatching this information up first and repurposing it into an updated version. While both search engines and us alike discourage plagiarizing, thorough recreation of existing evergreen content is a great way to add value to the internet and add incentive for others to link back to you.

Flatter Your Fans and Influencers

Some say that imitation is the best form of flattery, but that will get you dinged in the world of content creation. Throughout your niche, there are bound to be people who are more influential than you (after all, if you are the most influential, then you probably need no help pinging links). Sometimes, a bit of good old-fashioned flattery can help you secure a link, but it must be handled very carefully. If you are good with subtle flattery in the real world, then you can probably use this to your advantage. Likewise, your fans and followers can help you acquire links by sharing them through their own sources and further legitimizing your content. This can lead to additional opportunities for links, as more and more bloggers see your content flowing through social media.

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