Saying No to Opportunities and Clients

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No ThanksFinding potential opportunities from new clients is a mainstay for many when it comes to writing, editing and web design. Many of us are familiar with the concept that our workload ebbs and flows; some weeks will be busy while others may be virtually barren. In knowing this, we often attempt to take on as much work as possible, much akin to a squirrel storing nuts for the impending winter. Sometimes, however, we must know when to say no to new work and instead focus on our existing projects. Other times, we may simply not be qualified or prepared for the potential job. If you have been overwhelmed and not able to say no, then continue reading to find out why it is important to do so at certain times.

Limited Skills

Face it: we sometimes are offered jobs that we simply do not have the skill sets to complete. In the world of online content marketing and creation, there can be quite a bit of overlap – many freelancers have multiple talents and can often handle several different aspects such as social marketing, copywriting, pinging search engines, web design and search engine optimization. However, most people are not completely versatile, so it is in your best interest to walk away from a particular job offering if you do not have direct or pertinent experience with the task at-hand. This will most likely save you from headaches and frustration later down the road.

Limited Time

When we commit ourselves to too many projects at once, our dockets can quickly become unmanageable and the time in which we have to complete these projects becomes scarce. We have all faced the dilemma of being offered a last-minute project that, while may pay well, simply cannot be accommodated due to existing obligations. Nevertheless, there are some who will attempt to juggle such a project and end up falling behind on all of their projects. If you have prior commitments to other clients and cannot guarantee the completion of a project on time without sacrificing in other areas, then you should turn it down without exception.

Higher Prices

Our time is valuable and we must learn to balance it effectively if we want to succeed. If you have been inundated with a plethora of new clients and business lately, then it may be because your prices are very reasonable – perhaps too reasonable. Rather than directly tell many of their clients ‘no’, some will instead increase their prices for select work in order to balance out their workload. Not only will this keep some of the more finicky and “last-minute” type clients away, but it can also result in your time being more profitable as many clients will value your work enough to compensate you accordingly.


It is impossible to make everyone happy at once. There is also the key element of ensuring your happiness; if you are not up to par, then your work will suffer. If your work load has surpassed your ability to cope, then consider the advice mentioned above, limit your current online exposure (such as advertisements that are pinging search engines) and re-centre your efforts. Your clients and your brain will thank you.


  1. February 7th, 2013 10:32

    Good work. Normally I skip blog reading. But today I read several articles from your blog. Keep it up


  2. February 7th, 2013 12:41

    I totally agree to all of the points. However, I rarely experienced that limited skills and/or limited time prevented someone from accepting a project.
    I have no idea, why and how they survive in the long run. I never give them a second chance. But far too many professionals accept jobs they can’t fulfill.


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