Issues That Can Hinder Your Business’ Strategies and Progress

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Hinder  BusinessIt is a well-known fact that half of all businesses will go out of business within ten years, but an even larger number will struggle to expand their reach beyond a given audience, demographic or market. This can be caused by a number of different reasons. The nuances of each reason are obviously different between brick and mortar entities and those based online, but the issues that the online models face in terms of difficulty are far easier to rectify on average. If your business has hit the proverbial glass ceiling but cannot seem to break through, then continue reading to find out about the biggest issues that may be hindering your business’ long term progress.

Instant Gratification

Unfortunately, the business models that have emerged via the web have left many people with the impression that instant success is just around the corner. Some businesses will begin a blog to complement their existing efforts but abandon the approach when they realize that pinging servers with a couple of blog posts have not led to stardom. Efforts such as this take time to yield results and like most endeavours in the business community, do not pay off immediately and require good faith effort.

Fearful of New Horizons

Many businesses that have an online presence also do or have done business in the real world beforehand. The mentality that comes with traditional business – combined with fear or lack of understanding of certain online marketing and content-related concepts – can make many businesses feel intimidated when it comes time to venture into new territories. Unfortunately, this will also spell doom for any growth in the future; online marketing and content creation revolve around trying new things and appealing to new audiences. Behind every door is a new opportunity, and the internet offers an unlimited number of opportunities to businesses that are willing to seek them out.

Special Snowflake Syndrome

Many businesses have a belief that their business plans, strategies and goals are infallible and without need of revision. While any plan does require long-term commitment, it can become evident after some time that a particular course of action may not be effective nor suitable for future business. Any business that considers its strategies perfect or believes that it somehow breaks the dynamic of the industry is in for a rude awakening when they realize that tons of money spent on pinging servers and marketing has had virtually no positive effect in terms of brand awareness or an expanded customer base.


Any online business is virtually guaranteed to hit a brick wall at some point when it comes to expansion of services, products or customers. At the same time, it is up to each business to expect these challenges and be prepared to handle them as they arise. The biggest obstacles that are seen on a recurring basis among businesses are the expectations of instant gratification, the fear of new markets or challenges, and the idea that their business is unique and above the variables that impact their competitors. If you can rectify these three mindsets, then you can be sure to avoid any hindrances in terms of your business’ long term strategies and progress.


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