The Most Common Website Issues and How to Resolve Them

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Laptop DoctorAre you aware of the most common problems that can affect a website? Today’s online users expect more from a website, so it’s vital to understand the main things that can go wrong. Below are some of the most common website issues and how to resolve them.

Slow Websites

If a website is slow to load, you could be losing a large number of website visitors because most people are impatient when this happens. To make matters worse, you may not even realise the problem is occurring.

To rectify this problem, you first have to find out how quickly your website loads by using website speed testing tools, which are available online. If your website has a speed issue, you then have to find out what is causing the problem. In many instances, the server you are using may be performing poorly. Other causes include website content that’s not optimised or slow loading themes or skins. Once you make the necessary changes, test the website speed again to make sure there is an improvement.

Poor Website Design

A poorly designed website can have a lot of negative knock-on effects. Some websites are difficult to navigate, look terrible and it can be difficult to find important information and contact details of the website owner.

All of these problems can be easily fixed by hiring a professional website designer and installing a professional theme or website skin. After doing this work, test the website and get the opinions of other people.

No Website Visitors

You may have the best looking website in the world, but it’s of little use if nobody visits it. Your website needs to be optimised for the search engines and requires high quality content. A range of different paid online traffic services are also provided by all of the leading search engines and social media websites.

A Website is Not Mobile Friendly

Mobile communications have taken the world by storm and more internet users are using their phones to view websites. Unfortunately, because of their smaller screen size, a website looks different on a mobile device than it does on a laptop or device with a bigger screen.

To counteract this problem your website needs to be responsive, so that it displays perfectly on all kinds of devices including laptops, tablets and mobile devices. This gives your visitors a much better user experience and they will be more likely to stay on your website for longer.

Broken Website Links

Links play a huge role in many websites. They are used to go from one area of a website to another, or to important external websites. However, as a website grows, more links are added and in many cases they are entered correctly or the web page they point to, no longer exists. This can affect a user experience and is often penalised by the search engines. Website platforms like WordPress have a solution though, with a range of broken link checkers available that detect this problem.

As you can see, it’s not always plain sailing for website owners. Things can go wrong, but there is a solution for every one of the issues that can occur.

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