Why Your Ads’ Successes Are Slowing Down

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Slow DownSuccessful content and product marketing through paid advertisements has become a standard part of any website or brand’s approach to the web today. While you certainly can still reap rewards by pinging for SEO and optimizing your content in other ways, paid advertising has become so common and affordable that it is hard to keep an advantage over your competition without using it. Many people are familiar with the notion of ads becoming “stale” to their audiences after they have been seen countless times, but this isn’t the only cause of an ad becoming less successful. Maybe you have tried rotating the ad to a different platform or audience and are still experiencing these problems. What could be causing it? Below, we’ll talk about some reasons why this is happening, so you can be aware of when it is something you have done, and when it is out of your control.

Seasonal Shifts

Every few months, you have to decide to rotate out the types of products you carry. Likewise, some products may only have utility during a certain segment of the year. If your ads are either promoting a product that is only popular during a season, or if your ads have not been altered to take into account the new products you are promoting, then this could be a huge cause of your ad success plummeting. If shoppers are landing on your website and can’t find the products advertised or alluded to in the ad, then they won’t be doing much shopping with you. As such, always make a habit of checking your ad copy any time you rotate products or a new season arrives.

Copied Content

Is your ad copy unique to your brand, and to each particular ad? If not, then this may be a cause for your ad’s decline in popularity. When in competition with other brands, it can be easy to decide to alter an already-flunking campaign with language from a more successful competitor. Unfortunately, this often results in the ad doing even worse, as people subconsciously remember that they have seen “this ad” before at some point. Because of this, the usual ad fatigue that you’d experience from someone seeing your ad multiple times kicks in even earlier, leading to worse results. Never use someone else’s ad copy as your own, no matter how well-crafted it may seem.

Tapped Niches

Last but not least, you may be seeing a slow-down in your ad successes due to the fact that you already have thoroughly saturated the niche in which you operate. If this is the case, then you will need to consider ways that you can significantly alter the marketing approach of your brand. While this may not happen for quite some time with some brands, smaller niches can often run into situations – especially when dealing with local audiences – where their ads have been seen by everyone who might be persuaded by them. Unlike pinging for SEO, sustaining a presence in this way can be costly and inefficient.

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