Why You Should Employ Call-Only Ads to Boost Engagement

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Vintage TelephoneAs the world becomes more tech-laden and integrated, many people and brands alike are relying on newer forms of technology to get the job done. From shopping to brand management, the internet provides the tools and the infrastructure necessary to project an image, purchase a product or reach out to others. Many PPC campaigns focus solely on ads that seek to convert in a digital format; that is, they attempt to create subscriptions, generate purchases and promote material through an online medium. One area in which your campaign may be lacking is in regards to call-only ads. While it may seem counter-intuitive, call-only ads can be a huge boost to your PPC efforts when done properly. Below, we’ll discuss why and how this can be the case.

Phone Numbers Stick Out

The human eye is trained to recognize numbers. We generally come across them less often than letters, making it a prime way to grab the attention of search engine and social media users from the get-go. In order to make this tactic doubly-effective, you’ll want to be sure to feature the phone number in the ad title. This in most cases will ensure extra bolding and font size, and will also be the first element people notice in the ad. In addition to placing the phone number in the title, you’ll also want to use a simple phrase like “Call” in front of the phone number, which has been proven to be quite effective when pinging servers with PPC ads.

Direct Line of Communication

Few other opportunities exist – online or in real-life – to so easily reach someone and plug them into your business than a phone call does. Whenever someone makes a phone call to your business, you are far more likely to engage their interests and ultimately turn that lead into a conversion of value. After all, the most important reason behind why we run ads in the first place is to generate those leads that yield value. Don’t you want to be raking in the most potentially effective form of lead possible? By establishing that direct line of communication, you are also creating a sense of openness about your brand. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but you can incorporate this tactic with existing PPC campaigns to add an extra level of customer service that just so happens to be more effective simultaneously.

More Focused Ad Copy

Most ad copy is utilized to convince someone to engage in a call to action. With call-only ads, your ad title is the call to action; you literally are insisting that they call you to learn more, to schedule an appointment, and so forth. This ultimately allows the brand or business to focus more on the content of the ad in a way that drives micro-targeting. The possibilities are truly endless; you will be able to frame the call purpose in a number of ways. Whether you want to provide free estimates, sell a product, consult with a potential customer or something else, the possibilities for A/B testing and micro-targeting expand exponentially with your ad copy now freed up to do something else.

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