Boost Your Reach and Presence on Google

Reaching UmbrellaThere are literally millions of online merchants now competing in the paid ads section of Google via PPC campaigns. While there are also millions of search results and niches that these brands and merchants can target, it is a bit difficult to gain traction in paid search when compared to several years ago. As a result, there is a whole industry that has now emerged to help marketers fine tune their campaigns in order to generate maximum exposure. Many upstarts do not have the necessary funds to spend on marketing and marketing assistance, so how can you use free information and resources to accomplish the same thing? We’ll discuss some strategies you can try in the following article.

Google Special Offer Promotions

Whenever someone searches for a particular product, they will most likely be shown shopping results with similar products and prices. Once someone clicks on this, they will be able to see all vendors that offer this through Google. A great way to gain more attention for your products is to take advantage of Google Special Offers, which allows you to advertise your product directly under a relevant version. While the link is rather small, studies have shown that pinging users with this text can be highly effective. Better yet, many brands and merchants have yet to take advantage of this creative service, so there is still plenty of time to make a fortune in your niche.

Find Out Your Audience’s Thoughts

Google offers a nifty little program known as Consumer Surveys, which shows a series of questions to people who have searched in your targeted niches or visited your websites. In this case, the rankings will be displayed alongside any ads shown in Google, with categories such as “Customer Service”, “Claims Handling”, and “Discounts”. This will help accentuate your stronger elements of performance and reassure users that the ads they see are not just simple spam, but backed up by the opinions and experiences of others. If you decide to embark upon this form of advertising with Google, expect to see your ROI increase by up to 10%.

Make Sure to Use Google Shopping

So many online businesses and merchants forget to start pinging users with their products via Google Shopping. You have to first apply in order to use it, but any credible business can expect fast approval. This way, your products will be on display in niche searches for customers who wish to peruse and purchase the products you possess. Not only is this a boon for business, but you will also attract individuals who will find other products on your site that are to their tastes. By being featured in Google Shopping, you can increase traffic substantially; some people have reported twice as much traffic after just a couple of months with the service, but a more modest result is far more likely.


If you are new to the game and are already advertising via Google, then you probably do not have a bunch of extra money to spend. Fortunately, there are solutions like the ones mentioned above that you can utilize for little to no added cost, all of which will boost your reach and presence in select search results on Google. Marketing may be time-consuming and have hidden costs, but being smart about it will yield greater results and save you at least a bit of that time and money in the process.

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