What Your Brand Should Know About YouTube Shorts

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Reaching your target audience via digital marketing is a tried and true method for building brand recognition. There are dozens of different methods for making a splash with your target demographic, whether it be via email marketing, social media use, SEO or multimedia. Ultimately, the combination of search engines and multimedia is increasingly common – which means many brands have to find ways to persuade audiences already being bombarded by competitors.

YouTube Shorts is one emerging example of how to quickly make impressions with relatively little effort on one of the most popular websites in the world. But what exactly is YouTube Shorts and what can your brand use it for successfully? If you’re interested in the concept, then be sure to keep reading and find out!

The Gist of YouTube Shorts

Launched in 2020, YouTube Shorts is a different type of video experience for brands, influencers and content creators on the world’s largest video platform. Designed ideally to feature videos less than one minute long, this service makes it possible for content creators to quickly and easily start pinging users of the platform with short-form video content.

Ultimately, the service seems to be a success: with billions of video views worldwide each month, many are enjoying the service and it provides a unique opportunity to interact with audiences in a way that’s different from most standard YouTube videos.

What Content Types Do Best?

With videos ranging from a few seconds to a minute long, many may think there isn’t much opportunity to make an impression via YouTube Shorts. However, there are plenty of niches and topics where such a format is perfect for emerging brands.

Some of the most popular topics and content types include DIY content, gaming, food and blog updates. Videos of a general nature seem to do best – based on the number of uploads since the service began – but this covers a wide array of topics.

Fundamentally, there is room for every type of short-form video content on YouTube Shorts. This makes it an appealing platform for brands of all sizes.

What’s the Ideal Video Length?

Keeping videos under 60 seconds is key for using the service, but are there any other guidelines or recommendations beyond that? As it turns out, the vast majority of content falls into being anywhere from 20 to 60 seconds in length.

While some videos may be great when kept to 5-10 seconds, most content is aimed at providing an experience within the same time-frame as an online ad or TV commercial. By telling a concise story or conveying a message without being too brief, your brand is likely to find more success in this endeavor.

Are There Better Short-Form Video Options?

Ultimately, there are many social media and multimedia platforms through which pinging users with short videos is possible. But how does YouTube Shorts stack up against the competition?

In terms of sheer visibility, it may not be the best option. Platforms such as TikTok offer wider reach and can help you target a wider audience more quickly. This is valuable for brands just starting out with short-form video content.

However, users of YouTube Shorts tend to be more interested in the content they engage with and watch, meaning that brands seeking to convert audiences into customers or subscribers will likely find that each individual on the platform is more valuable than a follower on other social media platforms.

Ultimately, any brand seeking to create short videos should give YouTube Shorts a try. It can help build a new or otherwise accentuate an existing YouTube presence. It is easy enough to sign up and begin using. It offers a valuable lifeline to coveted target audiences. All of these factors make it a great emerging short-form content option from one of the world’s largest online brands.

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