Here’s How to Boost Your YouTube Video Views

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Arguably the largest video platform on the face of the planet, YouTube makes it possible for content creators of all backgrounds to be seen and heard. Given its huge existing user base, free access and numerous opportunities for earning profit from content, it is no surprise that YouTube attracts millions of brands and individuals seeking to make names for themselves.

Yet mastering the art of YouTube is a complex process that often requires a plethora of considerations. One of the biggest hurdles many content creators face is generating enough attention for their videos: without views, your content will do little good in terms of promoting yourself, your ideas or your brand.

As such, here are a few simple tips you can use to begin boosting your video views on YouTube.

Create a Consistent Schedule

Much like with regular search engines, creating a single piece of content isn’t likely to get you featured in prime results. Each piece of content created provides an opportunity for your brand to reach new audiences, with the cumulative effect being one that ensures you’re pinging search engines and/or content platforms with as wide of a net as possible.

However, users also appreciate a variety of content – and they are more likely to come back if they know you’re publishing on a consistent basis. It is important to ask yourself how often you can realistically continue to publish new YouTube content: whether this be once per week, twice per month or some other combination in between, make it known to viewers when they can expect new videos. They’ll be far more likely to subscribe, watch and share with others.

Take the Advice of the Audience

The comments section on YouTube has a noted reputation – some of it less than stellar. Despite this, it is perhaps the most valuable insight into your audience’s preferences and attitudes that can be observed. While there will undoubtedly be various malcontents afoot in any comments section, screening out that noise and listening to others can provide monumental guidelines for how to improve and what to offer next.

By engaging with your audience in this manner – along with interacting with comments directly – you can subtly but steadily increase long-term average views per video by giving the audience what they want.

Consider the Value of Topical Content

There are in effect two main forms of content from the perspective of time and value: evergreen content (that remains relevant for long periods of time, if not permanently) and topical content (content that addresses late-breaking trends and news). While topical content can sometimes be a bit of a gamble, trading views over a longer period of time for more views in the short-term can be beneficial in select cases.

First and foremost, pinging search engines with topical content will likely mean your videos rank more prominently for relevant search results than when competing with a plethora of evergreen content. Additionally, topical content tends to generate more shares (and therefore more views you otherwise wouldn’t get). Of course, topical content must be created in a timely fashion, so it is a balancing act and not right for every content creator.

Generating more YouTube views can be done with a variety of highly technical procedures. However, beginning with some of the basics can yield equally impressive results for channels currently struggling. Take these tips and evaluate them to see if they can mesh with your content strategy!

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