How to Build Your YouTube Subscriber Base Beginning Today

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Developing a fan base – whether you are a personal blogger, online business or mega corporation – is essential for many reasons. Not only can such a base help get the word out about products, services and content, but they also will return time and time again to enjoy your offerings. For those in the digital realm, this is incredibly important.

For those cultivating digital content, YouTube inevitably attracts much attention. Through videos, brands and bloggers alike can reach, persuade and entertain countless individuals they might not otherwise reach via social media or search engines. However, long-term success revolves around building a strong and viable subscriber base.

Today, let’s look at what you can do starting now to build a meaningful subscriber base on YouTube.

Provide In-Depth Videos

Just as with written content, people tend to value video content that is in-depth, detailed and substantial. In conjunction with the desires of people, YouTube also tends to have a bias in its algorithms for longer video content. As such, pinging links to YouTube videos that are ten minutes long or more can produce more views and more subscriptions. By establishing yourself as an authoritative source within a niche, you can grow an audience. One of the ways to do this is by creating in-depth video content.

Be a Replier

Successful YouTube channels all have several things in common. Among them and arguably more important than any other is a sense of community. It can be difficult to cultivate a sense of community when first beginning, but one of the easiest ways to help encourage people to stick out and subscribe is by replying to any and all relevant comments. While not every comment needs to be addressed, providing some humor, insight or even simple acknowledgement can go a long way toward encouraging viewer to become loyal fans.

Generate Synergy

There’s a good chance that if you’re trying to build a YouTube subscriber base, you already have a following of some sort via the internet. Whether you run a blog or something greater, ensuring that your YouTube videos are easily access from the website – and vice versa – helps further build that sense of community and generates valuable views for your videos. Ultimately, those who have taken the time to read your content on a website are far more likely to watch your videos (and ultimately subscribe).


As silly as it sounds, merely asking people to subscribe can make a huge difference. There’s a reason why virtually every big name on YouTube always asks people to like their videos and subscribe: the tactic works. Besides the fact that liking videos encourages YouTube algorithms in pinging links in various search results, it also helps build up subscriber bases.

Before you can become the next YouTube mega sensation, you have to start small. Building a subscriber base takes time and many who have done so will tell you that it’s frustrating, but worth the effort. By following the above advice, you can begin to cultivate a community that will consistently grow and provide you with new incentive to create videos and interact on YouTube.

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