A Basic Guide to YouTube Content Marketing Victories

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Video ContentYouTube has been a sensational way to broadcast multimedia to the masses for almost a decade now, and it comes as no surprise that hundreds of millions of people take advantage of this fact to record and produce their own content. When you want to find a video on something, you most likely head instinctively to YouTube, knowing that if there’s a video out there about it, you can find it there. This makes YouTube an effective marketing platform for content, as the traffic is guaranteed – so long as you know how to optimize your content for select audiences. We’ll discuss some basic ways that you can configure you content to market it properly through this medium and ensure content success stories in the future.

Outline Goals and Audience Targets

Before you begin to make videos and content for distribution via YouTube, it helps first to know who you wish to target and what the goals are in targeting them. While you may already have a niche and subject material may seem clear on the surface, it often needs to be more nuanced; various aspects of your audience – even if they all love the same subject – will desire different formats and interpretations of your material. Because of this, a variety of goals must be constructed beforehand in order to have the most success. With these goals in mind, you can learn which audiences to target with which videos and ensure that you are pinging links to search engine results in a relevant fashion.

Stagger Video Releases

Even if you already have a dozen videos made and ready to go, it is never a good idea to release them all at once. Much like status updates and posts on social media pages, staggering your videos can have a positive effect on traffic when compared to uploading all of your available videos at once. When it comes to subscribers, you will be able to drag them in more effectively as they receive a notification for each new submission; if you add all of these videos at once, then they will most likely only visit one time and be less likely to watch each video. Particularly when you consider that views can equal money on YouTube, it just makes sense to keep these releases staggered. There are even scheduling options that allow you to specify the time and date that future videos will be released, so you don’t have to set reminders to upload each one individually.

Properly Tag and Optimize Content

If you have recently uploaded videos to YouTube, please be sure that you have added relevant tags to the mix in order to ensure their success. This will help you in pinging links to the desired SERPs on Google and other search engines, and can help users find your videos via search on YouTube. A thoughtful description of each video can also boost this effect and ensure that search engine users have an idea of what you are providing, and gives search engines themselves the ability to better categorize the content.

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