What Type of Writer Does Your Brand Need?

Countless brands now inhabit the online marketplace of products and ideas, with each one offering a different perspective or service. In order to effectively communicate with audiences and persuade them to choose your brand over another, being able to write well is essential. Persuasive content and copy is hard to come by, so choosing a qualified professional to assist with the process is often required.

However, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to writing. Depending on your brand, niche and focus, various writing styles and skills may be required. To help our readers learn more about this, we’ll examine some of the key considerations when choosing the right writer for your brand’s goals.

For Sales and Conversions

Brands and businesses interested in leveraging their content into sales and other conversions will want to focus on writers with a background in copywriting specifically. Copywriting is similar to most other forms of writing and content creation but with a specific focus on marketing and sales. Being able to effectively describe a product or service, outline its benefits and do so in a way that makes people want to buy, subscribe or engage is its own form of expertise.

Using copywriters to achieve this form of content creation will ensure that you’re pinging your website with copy that persuades and informs. Otherwise, the aim and goal of your content might result in wasted time (as not all types of writers know how to effectively design copy).

For Search Engine Optimization

Arguably the biggest reason why websites and brands hire writers to create content is so that content can be found by audiences organically. Targeting search engines is an essential component of most online entities: it’s one of the lowest-cost forms of marketing with the potential to continue attracting traffic for months or even years after publication.

Hiring writers with backgrounds in SEO writing is crucial if this is your primary focus. Experienced SEO writers will know how to incorporate various basic forms of copy in with technical and on-page SEO considerations. By marrying the two, search engines will be more likely to find, index and rank your content prominently (and audiences will more thoroughly enjoy professionally-written pieces).

For Email and Social Media Marketing

Many brands use social media and email marketing to reach audiences more quickly and reliably. It is in these situations that expert writing skills are truly needed. Between convincing copy that encourages people to click or open their emails and a concise yet persuasive body to the content in question, there is relatively little time and space to make your case effectively.

While many of the same skills needed for sales and conversions work extremely well in these endeavors, you also want to be pinging your website with well-structured content that informs. Because of this, hiring writers with experience in SEO, creative writing and copywriting is recommended. Especially when utilizing email marketing, having a trifecta of experience makes the potential price tag worth the cost.

Different writers with different levels of experience and different backgrounds can be useful allies when crafting content and copy. Knowing which one to use in the right situations can help you save money and time while bolstering efficiency for your brand’s endeavors.

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