How to Humanise Your Brand

Human HeadHumanity is one thing that all business owners, marketers, employees and customers have in common. Despite this, however, it’s often difficult for brands to showcase this in their marketing materials and the way in which they communicate with their customers. There are a whole range of reasons for this; some people wish to showcase themselves in a strictly professional way, whilst others want to avoid showing any biases that could result in potential leads being deterred. Others might not even realise that their brand’s ‘voice’ sounds more like a robot than a human.

The Importance of Humanising Your Brand

Humanising your brand is no longer simply an option; in today’s day and age it is absolutely essential. Giving your brand a human ‘voice’ can help to build trust and good relationships with your customers, leading to better levels of customer loyalty which in turn not only improves your customer base through word-of-mouth marketing but also increases the reliability of your profit turnover as existing customers continue to return. Customers today are looking for brands they can relate to and communicate with, which is why humanising your brand has never been so important. Your brands ‘voice’ could easily be the pivotal factor that decides whether or not your business is a success.

Getting Personal

Making your brand’s tone personal and engaging is the first step that should be taken in order to add more humanity. For example, you could design advertising materials in such a way that portrays common problems faced by the members of your target audience and shows that your brand can relate to the way these problems make customers feel. Whilst generating leads and gaining credibility should always be a huge priority, it’s vital not to neglect the need for a human element, which can often seriously improve the number of leads that you make as well as help your customers to relate to your brand better. In reality, it’s definitely possible to create content that is professional, educational or even technical whilst still incorporating a personal, fun and engaging tone.

Using Humour

Using good, clean humour is one of the best ways to humanise your brand. Making people laugh is a great way to grab their attention, which is why a number of businesses and brands are including jokes and wit in their marketing materials. By putting a smile on the faces of members of your target audience through using humour in your brand’s tone for marketing and promotional materials, you’ll immediately create a good first impression that they are more likely to remember. Not only that, but jokes and humour can also help to increase your brand’s exposure as people share them with their friends or on social media platforms.

Using a personal and even humorous tone can seriously improve your brand’s ‘human side’. With customers today in search of answers and solutions to their problems rather than just ‘something to buy’, engaging with your customers and understanding their language is essential to business success.


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