Three Reasons Why You Should Use Twitter

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Trend MonitoringWhether you are a part-time blogger that wants to make it big in your niche one day, or a professional content creator that provides services across multiple websites, exposure is a huge variable in success. As more and more people move into the realm of social media, it comes as no surprise that content creators and marketers have taken advantage of platforms such as Twitter to get the message out to followers and interested parties. Many people falsely believe that Twitter is only for short blurbs or blatant promotion, but the social network has much more potential. Below, we will discuss why you should use Twitter for content marketing and promotion in ways that standard, web-based marketing just cannot provide.

Trend Monitoring

A great feature of Twitter is its use of hashtags and how that pertains to trend monitoring. At any given point, there are plenty of websites out there – in addition to Twitter itself – that are pinging networks for mentions of any and all topics. It is through utilities such as these that users can quickly determine hot topics and trending subjects. With this information in hand, you can then quickly spin a piece of content to gain added attention for your blog or website. Even if your traditional content does not deal with a particular subject, you may be able to combine elements of your niche with a late-breaking story to drum up interest and attract audiences that otherwise would never see your content.

Niche Targeting

Via a combination of different tools and features, Twitter users can quickly connect with and locate individuals who share their brand’s interests and mission. One great way in which this can be done is through the use of hashtags; when you click on a particular hashtag, you will be able to see all of the latest tweets sent out by individuals. This is a great way to find leads for individuals who are of a like mind. In addition to this, paid advertising via the service offers a number of customization options that can be used to target individuals with specific interests.

Quick Attention

Due to Twitter’s short nature of 140 characters, users of the platform are not only encouraged to be brief but will also never have to worry about losing the attention spans of readers. While your published content may be too long for some depending on the subject, your tweets will never be unreadable or otherwise categorized as “too long; didn’t read”. It is because of this format that your tweets will be subject not only to instant attention upon publication, but will almost always be read from start to finish by anyone who sees them.


If you want to be pinging networks with content that you have created, then Twitter is one of the best platforms through which to do so. A combination of factors – trend updates, niche targeting and simple message formatting – make it ideal for those who want to get quick blurbs out to an audience about their brand or content.


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